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 Making an Epoxy River Table Without Power Tools

 Looking for a simpler way to make a river table? Look no further than this tutorial!

 Let's Customize Epoxy-Resin Earrings!!

 Follow along with us as we make earrings perfect for any occasion!!

 Don't Buy a Wine Caddy- make one with ProArt Resin!

 Pro Marine Supplies ProArt Resin is perfect for creating magnificent (& functional) centerpieces for any night in!

 Let's Create Custom Dog Tags with ProArt Resin from Pro Marine Supplies!

 Don't waste your time at a big box store on a boring metal name-tag! Give your dog the best. Add glitter, shells, pigments, jewels, and more! Don't give up until your dog is happy!

 Making a Tumbler with ProArt Epoxy-Resin!

 ProMarine’s ProArt Epoxy Resin is specially formulated for artisans and crafters. Designed for quicker mixing and longer working times; ProArt protects delicate artwork with a crystal-clear hard-shell finish.

 Dirty Pour Coated with ProArt Epoxy-Resin!

 Last December we made a Dirty Pour Masterpiece and coated it with Pro Marine Supplies Tabletop Resin, and now that we have our ultra UV resistant, ProArt Resin, you'll have no worries hanging your artwork in any room in your home!!

 Let's make a Resin Cake Stand with ProArt Resin from Pro Marine Supplies!

 Make your very own Cake Stand today!! ProArt’s two-part epoxy resin formula was created specifically for intricate art and craft projects.

 Let's Make a Marbled Clock!!

 Show off your skills and accessorize your home in just one simple project! This clock is one of the most eye-catching projects we have done to date, & it was pretty simple too! Follow along as we show you just how we created this beauty!

 Let's Customize a Phone Case with Pro Marine Supplies Epoxy-Resin!

 Are you sick of paying $20+ for a cute phone case that everyone can get at the local department store? If you said yes, try customizing a phone case to add your personality/special flair to one of your most used devices!

 Pro Marine Supplies Table Top Epoxy Instructions

 These instructions are for Pro Marine Supplies Table Top Epoxy - To view the full guide click HERE

 Epoxy Penny Table Tutorial

How to instructional video on how to create an epoxy penny table using Pro Marine Supplies Table Top Epoxy. To access step-by-step instructions, click HERE

 Let's Make a Lazy Susan with Pro Marine Supplies

Making a statement Lazy Susan has never been easier! Follow along as we guide you through the ease of working with Pro Marine Supplies Epoxy-Resin! Click HERE for step-by-step instructions.

 Let's Make an Epoxy-Resin Cutting Board!!

 Make a no-hassle, elegant cutting board with Pro Marine Supplies Epoxy-Resin! For step-by-step instructions, click HERE

 Let's make an Epoxy-Resin Tumbler!

In this video, we use one of MANY techniques to coat a spray-painted tumbler with Epoxy-Resin. Follow along with our on-screen, step by step instructions - or click HERE for a step-by-step PDF! Watch now on Facebook, Instagram or right here, on YouTube!

 Making a Fluid Pour with Liquid Resonance and Pro Marine Supplies!

A Fluid Pour tutorial from one of Instagram's most loved artists, LiquidResonance! Ashley Bronson has been an Ambassador with Pro Marine Supplies since late 2019. We are so glad to have her on our team, along with ~20 other influential artists! Follow us on Instagram to keep up with all of our Ambassadors! And, click HERE for step-by-step instructions from Ashley!

 Let's make a Keepsake Photo Board with Pro Marine Supplies!

Make a Keepsake Photo Board– capture memories from vacations, childhood milestones, custom studio art, and so much more! Access step-by-step instructions HERE

 Doing a "Dirty Pour" with Pro Marine Supplies!

Watch how we coated this "Dirty Pour" masterpiece with Pro Marine Supplies TableTop Epoxy-Resin! Follow along with our step-by-step captions - and access instructions HERE! Order your easy to use, Pro Marine Supplies Epoxy-Resin HERE!

 Pro Marine Supplies Epoxy Bottle Cap Tutorial

An imaginative craft project using Pro Marine Supplies Table Top Epoxy. Click HERE for step-by-step instructions. Questions? Contact us at 183-EPOXY-PRO or email: