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Table Top Epoxy Resin Accessory Bundle with Pro Perfect Polish

This bundle includes a 1-gallon kit of ProMarine Supplies Table Top Epoxy Resin, 16 ounces of our Pro Perfect epoxy polishing compound, and mixing and measuring accessories. In the mixing and measuring accessories kit, you’ll also receive 4 mixing cups with graduated markings, 2 foam brushes, 2 stir sticks, 6 medium-sized black nitrile gloves.


This bundle will save you over $30 when compared to individually purchasing each of the items mentioned.

CAD $123.29
Table Top Epoxy Resin Accessory Bundle with Pro Perfect Polish
Table Top Epoxy Resin Accessory Bundle with Pro Perfect Polish


Get all the basic necessities for making your next resin project. Our Pro Marine Supplies bundle includes our Crystal Clear Table Top Epoxy Resin Kit with accessories. It also comes with our Epoxy Polishing Kit for that perfect finish. It’s a convenient package that saves DIY veterans the effort of shopping around. It’s also a great starter kit for resin beginners.

Create an astonishing river table, beautiful resin art, or glossy wood finish with our Crystal Clear Table Top Resin. It self-levels so you get a consistently smooth, even surface with minimal blemishes, craters, or fish eyes. The resin cures to a hard, protective shell that’s almost transparent on your bar tops, tabletops, countertops, furniture, and other work surfaces. Our crystal clear resin is also ideal for embedding and encapsulating projects.


Polish it to perfection with our Pro Perfect Epoxy Polishing Kit. You can easily apply it to your finished projects and buff them to a high-gloss finish. See every intricate detail beneath the surface of your completed work. The polishing kit is also useful for removing scuffs, scratches, and minor damage from your older projects. You won’t have to apply a new coat of epoxy to make them shine like new again.


Our bundle also comes with helpful tools you need to craft your masterpiece. You get 4 measuring cups with helpful graduated markings. They let you mix the right amounts of resin and hardener so you can avoid waste. You also get 2 foam brushes and 2 stir sticks to ensure you get a good, even mix throughout your batch. You even get 6 medium black nitrile gloves. They’re tougher than latex gloves but let you work just as safely.


Mixing Instructions And Tips

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Printable Instructions: Tabletop Epoxy

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