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ProPour Casting Resin

ProMarine’s Propour Casting Resin is specifically formulated for use in furniture crafting and object encapsulation. Create the river table of your dreams or explore deeper pour projects of up to 1.5” per application.  

ProPour Casting Resin
ProPour Casting Resin

ProMarine Supplies ProPour Casting Resin

ProMarine’s ProPour Casting Resin is specially formulated for crafting furniture such as river tables and encapsulation for items like paperweights and other decorative objects used to store, protect and display treasured memorabilia. ProPour casting resin features a bit thinner viscosity than our tabletop or art resins, which enables thicker pours, longer working times, and slower/cooler cures.

ProPour’s 2:1 by volume (resin to hardener) mixing ratio is designed for deep pours of up to 1.5 inches without the worry of overheating. This makes it the perfect epoxy resin for furniture creation and encasing treasured items – everything from saved ephemera to nature’s bounty of flowers, seashells, and more. 

ProPour Casting Resin works with and protects a wide variety of materials including wood, metal and most plastics. However, delicate objects should be protected in a layer of 1:1 epoxy resin (tabletop or art resin) before encapsulation in casting resin. 

Notes: We recommend pouring no more than 2 inches per application for small projects. Multiple thinner pours of 1-1.5 inches may be necessary when pouring large quantities.

Not intended to be poured in layers of less than 1 inch.

Notes: All epoxy has natural color variations or tint and the color of the substate the epoxy is applied to may accentuate this affect as well. White surfaces are always the most challenging to work with in regards to epoxy tint. After all, "white" itself has multiple tints. The appearance of a white surface coated with epoxy is also influenced by lighting. For instance, there may be a dramatic aesthetic difference between a LED "daylight" bulb lighting compared to "Soft/Warm" lighting. 

This product is not intended for outdoor use.


  • Thinner Viscosity enabling Thicker Pours
  • Quicker Mixing & Longer Working Times
  • Crystal-clear, High-gloss, Hard-shell Finish
  • Provides Water & Impact Resistance
  • 2:1 Ratio by Volume Mixture (resin to hardener) for Slower Curing
  • Ideal for Deep Pours for River Tables & Encapsulating Objects

Safety Datasheet: ProPour Castin Resin

ProPour Castin Resin Instructions