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ProArt Epoxy

For any and all artisanal and crafting needs, try Pro Marine’s ProArt Epoxy! This two-part epoxy resin formula can help you seal and protect a wide variety of artwork, from hanging wall art to woodworks, against wear-and-tear, moisture, and corrosion. 

ProArt Epoxy
ProArt Epoxy

Best Epoxy Resin for Arts and Crafts

ProMarine’s ProArt Epoxy Resin is specially formulated for artisans and crafters, making it the best resin for art paintings, jewelry, woodworking, and more.  If you're wondering what resin to buy for resin art, ProArt's protective crystal-clear hard-shell finish and versatility means it's the perfect solution. Versatile ProArt may be used to create, seal, and protect a wide variety of art projects including drawings, paintings, photography, and woodworking. It has a durable industry-leading UV-resistant coating that resists moisture, corrosion, and handling wear-and-tear.

ProArt's mixing ratio is a simple-to-use 1-to-1 volume of resin to hardener and is designed to be self-leveling for easy applications. This means it is formulated to flow easily across multiple kinds of surfaces like wood, canvas, metal, plastics, and glass. It also mixes well with powdered dyes, homemade pigments, and liquid tints. Use it on intricate arts and craft projects for a beautiful high-shine finish!

Whether you're a seasoned epoxy resin pro or looking for something to help with resin art for beginners, ProMarine's ProArt Epoxy Resin is the perfect choice!

Choose from three sizes options: a 2-gallon kit, a 1-gallon kit, and a 16-ounce kit.


  • 100% Solids, Hard-Shell Finish
  • Self Leveling, High Gloss
  • Excellent Air Release
  • Excellent Color Stability
  • Improved Impact Strength
  • Blush, Water & UV Resistant
  • Easy 1-to-1 Mixing Ratio
  • Longer Working Time
  • Improved Surface Appearance

Safety Datasheet: ProArt Epoxy Resin

ProArt Epoxy Resin Instructions