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ProArt Epoxy Resin


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ProArt Epoxy Resin
ProArt Epoxy Resin

ProMarine’s ProArt Epoxy Resin is specially formulated for artisans and crafters. ProArt protects delicate artwork with a crystal-clear hard-shell finish. Versatile ProArt may be used to create, seal and protect a wide variety of projects including drawings, paintings, photography, woodworking and more with a durable industry-leading UV-resistant coating that resists moisture, corrosion and handling wear-and-tear.

ProArt’s two-part epoxy resin formula was created specifically for intricate art and craft projects. The mixing ratio is a simple-to-use 1-to-1 volume of resin to hardener and is designed to be self-leveling for easy application. ProArt works with a variety of substrates such as wood, canvas, metal and plastics, and mixes well with pigments like powdered and liquid tints and dyes for enhancing works of art.



  • 100% Solids, Hard-Shell Finish
  • Self Leveling, High Gloss
  • Excellent Air Release
  • Excellent Color Stability
  • Improved Impact Strength
  • Blush, Water & UV Resistant
  • Easy 1-to-1 Mixing Ratio
  • Longer Working Time
  • Improved Surface Appearance