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Pro Mica Powder

Our high-quality Pro Mica Powder allows you to add a splash of color to your resin work! In our 5-color and 10-color kit sets, a rainbow of vibrant colors are at your disposal. 


Conforms to ASTM D-4236

$10.80 - $13.50
Pro Mica Powder
Pro Mica Powder

ProMarine Supplies Pro Mica Powder for Resin

ProMarine Supplies Pro Mica Powder comes in two kits; a 5-color kit that includes the colors Deep Ocean Blue, White Pearl, Black Pearl, Coral Red, and Sea Green and a 10-color kit with all the aforementioned colors as well as Golden Koi, Sky Blue, Bronze Metallic, Copper, and Jellyfish Purple. Every kit contains 10g bottles of each color.

What is Mica Powder?

Mica powder is made from mica, a naturally occurring stone mineral composed of shiny flakes. When you take mica and ground it into a fine sand, you get (you guessed it) mica powder! The powder is used in products like resin in order to stain and tint it's natural coloring. Due to the qualitity that mica is made of, it has a pearlescent appearance that can resemble metal or glitter. When compared to a resin pigment powder’s more matte-like finish, mica shines! 

On its own, mica powder is safe and non-toxic.

How to Mix Mica Powder

Our high-quality Pro Mica Powder can be combined with our epoxy resins to add a rainbow of vibrant colors to any project! In order to properly mix your mica powder, we recommend:

  • Adding mica powder after you’ve mixed your resin
  • Ensuring you have the time to properly combine the product and powder
  • Thoroughly combining the powder with a stir stick or a drill mixer for larger quantities
  • Going light on how much you use—a little goes a long way!

For further tips and tricks on coloring epoxy resin, visit Tips for Tinting Epoxy Resin or watch our How to Color Epoxy Resin video. 

What is Mica Powder Used For?

You can use our mica powders in a variety of projects for truly unique color combinations! The uses for Pro Marine mica powder are as limitless as the sky is, well, sky blue. You may ask, can you use it in candles? The answer is yes. Soaps? Cosmetics? Jewelry? Yes, yes, and yes. Maybe your imagination has limits, but Pro Mica Powder sure doesn’t!

If you have any questions about this product or others, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on our Contact Us page or visit our FAQs section. 


Safety Datasheet: Pro Mica Powder