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Hand Casting Kit


Looking to create a memory that will last a lifetime? ProMarine Supplies is introducing our new DIY Hand Casting Kit! Make a replica of your or your loved ones’ hands with this easy-to-use mold making and casting bundle to celebrate a variety of special events and build an unforgettable experience.

ProMarine Supplies Hand Casting Kit

ProMarine Supplies is introducing our new easy-to-use Hand Casting Kit, which you can use to create treasured memories and keepsakes. This DIY hand casting kit includes:

  • A plastic molding bucket
  • Step 1 mold-making material (alginate)
  • Step 2 casting material (plaster)
  • Sandpaper
  • Demolding stick
  • Detailing pins
  • A full list of instructions

What Is It?

A hand casting kit is a collection of items that allows you to create a mold of your hand, or a loved ones’, and cast that mold. This results in the final product of a replica of that hand! Use it to make the perfect memento for a variety of special occasions and preserve those memories for life.

How Long Does It Take?

Between prep time (10 minutes), casting time (30 minutes), and demolding time (six+ hours), this project should take roughly seven hours, depending on various factors.

Hand Casting Kit Tips

  • Read the instructions through beforehand
  • Always wear safety glasses and a mask when working with the materials
  • Have someone help you out if they can
  • Practice hand positioning ahead of time for better results
  • Apply water or baby oil to your hands before putting them in the mold
  • Do not wait any more than 24 hours to start demolding

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