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Epoxy Resin

ProMarine Supplies Epoxy Resin Products

What is Epoxy Resin?

Epoxy resin is a polymer that starts out as a liquid and cures into a solid while generating heat. It’s an all-purpose material that can serve to help with everything from household repairs to DIY and craft projects! It is:

·     Easy to use

·     Impact and moisture resistant

·     Long-lasting

Our Product

ProMarine Supplies epoxy resins are high-quality products designed for use in…

·     DIY applications

·     Craft and artisanal projects

·     Home repairs

·     Maintenance

·     Marine/boat repair

This versatile polymer performs as a useful tool for filling, sealing, and bonding, adhering to most substrates/foundation materials such as…

·     Wood

·     Metals

·     Fabrics

·     Most plastics

…before curing to a crystal-clear high-gloss protective finish!

ProMarine Supplies Epoxy Resins

ProMarine Supplies’ products are specially formulated to meet a variety of needs. We sell Tabletop, ProArt, ProPour, and Marine Grade epoxy resin supplies.

Tabletop Epoxy Resin 

Pro Marine Table Top epoxy resin is our most resourceful product used by artisans for craft creations and home DIY projects! Tabletop resin is easy-to-mix, self-leveling, and cures to a hard-shell finish. Our Crystal Clear Table Top System mixes with an easy-to-understand 1:1 by volume ratio and has a fast set time compared to other brands.

ProArt Epoxy Resin 

For artisan and crafters, ProArt epoxy is used to create, preserve, and protect delicate artwork from wear-and-tear and moisture. With added UV protection to prolong yellowing, you can mix ProArt easily with powders and liquid tints for an exciting and vibrant twist to any art project!

ProPour Epoxy Resin 

Casting resins are used in furnishings and encasing projects for their thick-pour capabilities, cooler cures, and high-gloss finish. Due to ProPour’s thinner consistency and 2:1 by volume mix ratio, you can accomplish these thicker pours with slower cures and longer work times.

Marine Epoxy Resin

Marine resin provides superior bonding, durability, and moisture resistance for boating repairs, maintenance, and restoration. If your ship's letting on water or looking a little worse for wear, let our 521 Marine Grade Epoxy help!