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Epoxy Resin

ProMarine Supplies Epoxy Resins

The entire line of ProMarine Supplies epoxy resins are high-quality, high-performance products designed for a wide variety of DIY applications for artisans, crafters, furnishings, home repairs and maintenance and marine use. Epoxy resin is a versatile and durable solution designed to address a host of creative and practical projects. 

Versatile epoxy resin performs as a multi-functional tool as a filling, sealing and bonding material providing corrosion, impact and moisture resistance for a wide variety of uses. Epoxy resin also adheres well to most substrate/foundation materials including wood, metals, fabrics and most plastics – curing to a crystal-clear high-gloss protective finish.

ProMarine Supplies specially formulated epoxy resins are designed to fulfill a variety of needs: 

  • Tabletop Epoxy Resin - our most versatile epoxy resin used by artisans for craft creations as well as for home DIY projects – tabletop resin is easy-to-mix, self-leveling, and cures to a hard-shell finish
  • ProArt Epoxy Resin - specially formulated for artisan and crafters, art resin is used to create, preserve and protect delicate artwork from wear-and-tear and moisture
  • ProPour Epoxy Resin - casting resins are employed for use in furnishings and encapsulation projects for their thick-pour capabilities, cooler cures and high-gloss finish
  • Marine Epoxy Resin - designed for boating repairs, maintenance and restoration - marine resins provide superior bonding, durability and moisture resistance