Crystal Clear Bar Table Top Epoxy Resin Coating For Wood Tabletop

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UV Stable Crystal Clear Table Top System is a high performance two component Clear epoxy system designed for Table Tops, Bars, Wood finishes, See-Through Encapsulations, Artwork, and other applications requiring a clear, strong, plastic coating specifically designed to resist Yellowing caused by the sun and other Ultra Violet light sources.

The material has an easy to use 1 to 1 by volume mix ratio, maintains its integrity over sharp corners, and it has excellent air release qualities and a relatively fast set time for an epoxy coating.

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  • 100% Solids
  • Self Leveling, High Gloss
  • U.V. Resistant Formula
  • Excellent Air Release
  • Excellent Color Stability
  • Improved Impact Strength
  • Improved Surface Appearance
  • Water-Resistant
  • Eliminate Craters, Crawling & Fish Eyes
  • Blush Resistant


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