Why Epoxy Resin Is Not Turning Clear?

The two parts will be different from each other. The A-side should be significantly thicker than the B side. If you are having issues dispensing the product out of the container, then this could be a temperature issue.

This issue of the epoxy resin resembling a white like Elmer's glue has come up before. It is mainly a result of the product being too cold combined with not getting a right mix. We use time as a reference to illustrate what a thorough mix should take. However, in reality, if you are not using proper mixing sticks and containers then you could run into this issue. Mixing issues always come up from customers. We have had customers try to use chopsticks to mix 1 gallon of material. It's just not a suitable mixing instrument. Make sure the mixing tool you use is pretty wide in comparison to the container you are mixing in to get a nice blend. The product should turn cloudy and then become clear while mixing. Once the product becomes clear (it will have bubbles in the mixture, that is ok as long as there are no streaks in the resin), it is ready to pour. 

If this is not the case, you need to check your temperature. This is the most significant factor when it comes to using any epoxy. Check out our help article about temperature for more information for more details regarding temperature.