Congrats to Our Thanksgiving Contest Winners! December Contest Reminder

Congratulations to all five of our November Thanksgiving Contest Winners - each of whom will receive One Gallon Epoxy Resin Kits for sharing their stories of epoxy resin crafting with family and friends:

  • Claudia C.
  • Dianne D.
  • Sandy S.
  • Mike G.
  • Larry K.

Our thanks to you for entering!

And don't forget this month's Season of Sharing Contest:

To enter - Share an Epoxy Resin Holiday Crafting Project that you worked on together with friends or family & You'll be Entered to Win a One Gallon Kit (combined) of ProMarine Supplies Epoxy Resin! The Five Best Stories will win!


In about 100 words or so (don't worry - we won't be counting), please describe your Epoxy Resin Group Craft Project. We'll post the best ideas on our website - with the 5 best winning some ProMarine Epoxy Resin.


You have until the end of December to submit your idea (well, until midnight December 31st); the email address is [email protected] (or links may be found throughout this message).


We look forward to hearing from you - Happy Holidays!



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