My Epoxy is Sticky, What Do I Do?

Working with Epoxy is easy, but it’s not foolproof. We encourage reading and following all instructions before starting your project. You can find them here.

If you find soft or sticky areas in your Epoxy application that don’t seem to have cured properly, or the entire thing still feels "tacky" after a few days, then this blog post is for you.


Don't worry - you can fix this!

Epoxy that remains sticky after the curing time will stay sticky unless the following measures are taken to repair the situation.

1. Scrape off the wet Epoxy

You will have to start by scraping off all of the wet epoxy.

Don’t worry - your project or art underneath will not be disturbed. Be sure all the liquid epoxy is removed before you pour your coat of fresh Epoxy on top. If you do not scrape off the wet epoxy, this could result in leaking under the new Epoxy coat.

2. Fill in any gaps or holes

If after you've scraped off your wet epoxy and you're left with a hole or gap, patch it by pouring in some new, thoroughly mixed Epoxy, just in that area. Let cure.

3. Sand your project (finish it off with 222-230 fine sand grit paper)

You'll want to sand the entire piece, next. Be sure to include the cured patch, if you needed to patch any holes or gaps. After sanding, wipe off any dust from the entire surface. (wipe it off with denatured alcohol or acetone)

The object is to create a layer that the new Epoxy can adhere properly too.

Don’t be worried if it looks like a mess at this point - when you pour the second coat, it will look as good as new!

4. Pour The Second Coat (pour 1/8"new flood coat)

Be sure that your first coat is 100% cured, and go ahead and pour your second layer.