How To Recycle Pro Marine Supplies Epoxy

Pro Marine Supplies loves our environment and we want our customers to recycle our products to lessen the impact on the environment.  💚  Here are a few ways you can reuse and recycle our epoxy! 

1. The safest way to recycle our epoxy is to take the empty bottle to your local waste collection center as ‘hazardous materials’ waste. These centers generally also collect paint, polyurethane cans, and other chemicals to keep them out of landfills.

2. Leftover resin and hardener do not have to be a “waste”.  There are awesome projects you can do with a small amount of epoxy. Make some jewelry, pins, tags, paperweights etc. You can find silicone molds online, just pour in your extra epoxy, add some alcohol inks or paint and you have an awesome piece of art!

3. NEVER pour epoxy down your drain or toilet. The chemicals are harmful to the water system and may even cause damage to your pipes.