My table or bar top has an indent or a ring on the surface, why did this happen?


This issue is usually a sign that the epoxy has not fully cured. Please use caution when placing heavy or hot objects onto the surface. Prematurely placing objects on the surface will result in mark, rings, or indents. If a hot object is placed on the surface, the epoxy will burn or discolor. 

To avoid these tragedies from happening, make sure the epoxy is fully cured before putting object onto your surface. The epoxy will be 99% cured after the first 72 Hours. 

To achieve a 100% cure, please allow the product to cure for at least two months. During this time, the surface can be used but, we recommend using coasters and pot holders to protect the surface from scratches and blemishes while the epoxy has time to fully cure. 

Note: These cure times are estimates and could vary depending on humidity and temperature of your environment. For our calculations, we always recommend keeping the product and surface at 80 Degrees Farenhieght.