Table Top Epoxy FAQs

Can I get a Matte or Satin Finish when using Table Top Epoxy? Thinning Epoxy for Penetration. Applying epoxy over a surface with an existing stains and finishes. Tips For Cleaning Epoxy Can Epoxy Be Used On Vertical Surfaces? Can I place something hot once cured? Can i use it in a silicone mold or plastic mold? Will it melt the resin? What is the difference between a flood coat and seal coat? Can I use lacquer finish instead of epoxy for the seal coat? Can you apply the epoxy over an oil based stain on wood? Is Pro Marine Clear Table Top Epoxy FDA Compliant or Food Safe? Do you have an Epoxy that is for outdoor use? Can I make my epoxy a Matte or Satin Finish? Is resin compatible with foam? Benefits of Epoxy Floor around Pets Is The Epoxy Odorless? What is the proper storage and shelf life of Epoxy? Is there outgassing of the cured epoxy resin when sanding or cutting? Tips for Epoxy Beginners I have noticed scratches in my table top. Are there any suggestions to improve this? Can you use Epoxy in a Sink? Can you use tabletop Epoxy in a Sink? What temperature will cured Epoxy withstand? How does the Crystal Clear Table Top Epoxy stand up to yellowing over time? Why is my Resin a milky consistency? How did I end up with fish eyes? How do I remove air bubbles after I pour the Epoxy? Can you tell me how to round the edges and corners once I have the tabletop and benches poured? I would assume they can be sanded but how would I repolish them? How do I protect my epoxy finish? How long before I can use what I put Epoxy on? Can I use the epoxy in cold weather? How do I make an epoxy floor non slip? I want my epoxy resin to cure harder, what can I do?