Why We Use Online Support and Not Phone Systems

We have a philosophy here at Pro Marine Supplies. We believe in creating quality products, and offering these products with impeccable service at affordable prices. 

We offer:

  • Free Shipping on all Pro Marine Supplies Brand products.
  • Free Shipping on all orders over $50.00
  • Same Day Shipping
  • Help Articles and Online Resources for your projects, backed by years of expert knowledge.
  • We offer all that by being as innovative and efficient as we can be, so that we can better serve you and assure that our products are affordable for all of our customers. 

    So, what benefits are there using this system?

    Email and web based support is an incredible advancement when it comes to our business. Your email tells us all of the information we need to assist you, in an organized and timely manner. We are able to pull up your order, see payment details, tracking information, and anything else that may need to be referenced in order to make sure you receive the assistance that you need. It's important to us that you get all of the help and information you need, and our online support system is going to help us do just that.