Why Epoxy Resin Crafting with Kids (and others)?

Time Well Spent – for You, Your Family & Friends…

My parents used to read to us at bedtime most evenings – instilling a lifelong love of both the written and spoken word (from which I made both a wonderful and educational pastime and career). My father, in particular, would recreate the stories - inserting his own twisted wording; causing no small amount of laughter from my sister and me.

Parents continue to search for ways to spend meaningful time with their children; ‘time well spent’ both in a social sense as well as an educational one. In ‘Tips for Spending Quality Time with Your Child,’ from the National Association for the Education of Young Children; an organization that promotes ‘high-quality early learning’ for all children from birth through age eight; National University Assistant Professor Jessica Alvarado explains,

“Children need high-quality time with parents and caregivers—that is what is most beneficial to children and what can have a positive effect on them as they grow. It isn’t about endless hours of time—it’s about how you choose to spend that time that truly matters.”

To that end, Ms. Alvarado offers the following suggestions – to which we add, of course, epoxy resin crafting with kids (and others) as a great way to spend quality time (more on that shortly):

  • Have a daily “connect” time with your child - preferably face-to-face, but leaving a note in your child’s lunch bag, for instance, is a good routine to get into as well
  • Create a special ritual ‘every day’ for you and your child - for example, let your child choose and read one book with you at bedtime
  • Tell your child you love her every day, how important she is to you and how she makes you feel
  • Reinforce positive behavior - words of encouragement & appreciation go a long way
  • Make and eat meals with your children whenever possible - and not in front of the television - make time to interact be silly at times
  • Schedule time for doing an activity of your child’s choosing. Be sure to follow through and complete the activity without any distractions (again - like epoxy resin crafting - see below…)

Our Ambassadors are experts at not only using epoxy resin for their creations; but also sharing their time and expertise with others – carving out quality time that is mutually beneficial for all involved. Many of them have created family-owned businesses based upon their love for and creative expertise with resin crafts. While others treat their epoxy resin creation time as a way to communicate and share with their families and others – spending both personal and professional time teaching their craft. Truly ‘Time Well Spent!’

Images below courtesy of ProMarine Ambassador Roshelle Anderson of HappiCrafts.com

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