Rub-a-Dub-Dub – a Wooden Epoxy Resin Tub

Handmade mahogany tongue and groove tub, coated with epoxy and marine polyurethane… But built in Maine, hopefully from FSC certified wood.

Sometimes there’s nothing more relaxing than soaking in a tub – letting your cares drift away… (okay, full disclosure – I’m actually more of a shower guy). But for lots of people there’s no better escape than lazing in a hot tub with maybe a glass of wine, some candles, a book, or whatever floats their boat (or tub). Entire vacations are built around “the spa experience” – a good portion of which involves water in various forms such as tubs, pools, spas and steam rooms.

And for our Epoxy Resin brethren inclined to enjoy a luxurious bath vs. an efficient shower when time permits; there are a variety of handcrafted beautiful wooden tubs available, each with unique woodgrain and options, such as built in seats, if so desired. Wooden bathtubs are sealed with marine epoxy resin to ensure long-lasting durability and leakproof enjoyment.

Wooden bathtubs come in many styles, may be custom made to unique specifications, or for the more adventurous do-it-yourselfer; may be built from scratch out of the source wood (and our epoxy resin of course!) of one’s choosing. (A quick online search will produce a host of results for both purchasing and custom crafting options).

A recent Wall Street Journal article, ‘Could a Wood Tub Woo You?’ “the earthy colors and irregular grain warm up and customize a traditionally sterile (bathroom) space,” explains New York interior designer Gia Sharp. A fellow New York designer Tina Ramchandani agrees, “Bathing in a natural element is more inviting and luxurious than cold ceramic.” Not everyone agrees that tree-sourced tubs are right for everyone however, as Britt Zunino of New York’s Studio DB compared soaking in an oval style to “bathing in a salad bowl.” 

We think that since wooden tubs can be made out of such a variety of woods in so many finishes (that are then sealed and protected with epoxy resin) in myriad shapes, styles and sizes; that quite possibly there’s a wood-sourced tub for everyone! Positive lifestyle site highlights a wide variety of wooden bathtubs featuring styles and sizes for every taste and explains…

“Are wooden bathtubs environmentally positive? If you grew the bamboo or cedar in your backyard and then made it yourself—definitely! These examples might not be the greenest and they cost a pretty penny, but it must feel wonderful to bathe in wood. In the past bathtubs were made of wood, marble or ceramic tile. Cast-iron tubs came into fashion starting in the 1880s, then enamel over steel…now bathtubs are mostly formed acrylic, fiberglass, or porcelain, on steel. Wood holds the heat longer than other tub materials. Unfinished wood tubs must be used regularly or kept partially filled with a bit of water to prevent them from drying out and warping or shrinking." 

Or, as we advise, use epoxy resin to coat, seal and protect the tubs surface – and enjoy a much more maintenance-free wooden bathtub experience! Happy Soaking & Soothing!

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