Put Down that Smartphone & Pick up Some Epoxy Resin…

Carve out some quality time with Family & Friends to create some memories & keepsakes…

Technology is a funny thing. While it’s supposed to make our lives easier and give us more free time – it often seems to create more stress. And we seem to freely give up our time to it; particularly to smartphones and other screens. As we become more screen absorbed, we become more self-absorbed – unaware of the world (and people) around us – who rarely get our full attention. 

In a recent column in The New Yorker The Machine Stops,’, neurologist Oliver Sacks writes his observances on smartphones:

“I cannot get used to seeing myriads of people in the street peering into little boxes or holding them in front of their faces, walking blithely in the path of moving traffic, totally out of touch with their surroundings. I am most alarmed by such distraction and inattention when I see young parents staring at their cell phones and ignoring their own babies as they walk or wheel them along. Such children, unable to attract their parents’ attention, must feel neglected, and they will surely show the effects of this in the years to come.” 

One of the things that can break this hold that we have given technology over us it to set aside time to spend phone-free; engaging in ‘quality-time’ activities with people we care about – children in particular. One of our favorite ways is to devote time together to create epoxy resin crafts - making both cherished items of art and practicality - and fond memories.

With epoxy resin, a few molds from a craft or hobby store and some shaping and safety tools (hand and eye protection); a wide variety of whimsical and practical items can be crafted. For instance, creative crafters make unique jewelry of all sorts, decorative and functional pushpins, cabinet and door knobs, and beautiful and practical items like napkin holders, paperweights and picture frames - all out of pliable and durable epoxy resin – for lasting keepsakes.

As we as a society become ever more screen-obsessed; it’s becomes even more important to be cognizant of our family and friends, making sure to be present in the moment and communicate and share effectively. ““When it comes to children’s development, parents should worry less about kid’s screen time - and more about their own,” Erika Christakis writes in ‘The Dangers of Distracted Parenting.’ “Even so, emerging research suggests that a key problem remains underappreciated. It involves kids’ development, but it’s probably not what you think. More than screen-obsessed young children, we should be concerned about tuned-out parents.”

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