January Instagram Photo Contest Winner!

Congrats to our Instagram Photo Contest Winner for the month of January! You can check out more of Alicia Hash's work on Instagram and her tutorials on YouTube.


Alicia's Bio: When you look at resin artist Alicia Hash’s work, you’ll question what is in it. Her work often incorporates natural elements, along with glitters and metallics, that flow together giving you an immense reaction of wonder. Alicia, who goes by ‘After Thought Art’ on social media, has an emphasis on texture and 3-dimensional elements. Her work has been described as ‘intriguing,' 'beautiful,’ and ‘wondersome.’ A self-taught artist, she thrives off emotions of everyday life and music to influence her work. “I need that me time art gives me. I need the music up and the vibes flowing,” she said. Her work is continually evolving, and her intrigue to experiment and teach pushes her into a new understanding of her work.

Tags: crystal-clear-bar-table-top-epoxy-resin-coating-for-wood-tabletop