Family Projects & Epoxy Resin - the Glue that Brings it all Together...

Spending quality time with family and friends means different things to different folks. Building memories while building keepsakes that remind of us of those times, is a good way to keep those good feelings going. Crafting decorative home accents and gifts for friends and family is a great way to spend time together – creating fondly remembered times and uniquely personal presents.

Resin crafts using epoxy resin, make for an enjoyable experience for both kids and adults – working together to create a wide variety of fun and useful household items and gifts. These projects are great for bringing people together to exploring their creativity – while also providing for “I made that” moments. You’ll need a few basic tools (like epoxy resin for one), and perhaps some ideas to get you started…

First, a quick word to the wise; as your epoxy resin craft will become a permanent piece when hardened; it is fortuitous to prepare your craft area prior to working with this substance. For all your projects, work in a well-ventilated area, wear hand and eye protection and cover your work surface with a drop cloth. Some other tools to consider adding artistry to your creations are a variety of molds to shape the polymer and dyes to add color accents – all of which may be obtained at craft stores.

Some good website columns to get you started with project ideas and tips are:
Resin Crafts’ from Better Home & Gardens writes, “Turn resin into remarkable home accents using simple hardware, hobby, and household items as molds.” The site highlights using resin to create unique and decorative buttons, napkin rings, pushpins, cabinet & door knobs, picture frames, paperweights and interesting and colorful sun catchers.

The Lifestyle for Real website focuses on “do-able DIY” projects in general and resin crafting in particular in ‘Resin Crafts – the Trend You Have to Try This Year.’ Founder Marybeth explores what she calls this year’s hot topic in crafting, resin. “I’ve seen it used in so many different ways for different applications and it is super cool. I think this year will be resins moment in the sun.” She features innovative jewelry, décor and art ideas such as pendants, earrings, sun catchers, coasters, and flowers - all cast in resin.

Working together to create artistic expressions with epoxy resin makes for a great way to spend time with friends and family – with the added bonus of keepsakes of those times – so you’re…
…Crafting memorabilia and memories!

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