Epoxy Resin Lights – Illuminating Fixtures & Accents for Work or Play

And God said, ‘Let there be light’ and there was light, but the Electricity Board said He would have to wait until Thursday to be connected. – Spike Milligan

One of the first things we, and many others do, when moving into a new office is to strategically place lamps where needed to illuminate the workspace – so that those awful florescent ceiling lights may be turned off! And while it was at one time more energy efficient to use the fluorescents; today’s new lighting technology makes for greener and better lightbulbs.

Light fixtures utilizing epoxy resin in either their structure or lamp shades make for attractive décor and a personalized touch. Hand-crafted lights, lamp shades and night lights may be either created yourself or purchased at a variety of sites. Etsy for instance, showcases a wide variety of decorative and elegant epoxy resin lighting created by myriad artisans.

Or you could try your hand at crafting your own illuminating creation. A variety of ‘light’ creations may be crafted using epoxy resin. From lamps and shades that light up those dark spaces - to illuminated sculptures and wall art - that add innovative decorative touches to any interior.

Instructibles.com whose credo is ‘a place that lets you explore, document and share your creations,’ is an online community that encourages connectivity, imagination and curiosity. The site features several epoxy resin projects, with complete instructions, including Illuminated Wood & Resin Lamps, for tabletop or wall mounting; and Resin & LED Lamps created with hand tools – a perfect project for beginners.

For those looking for epoxy resin lighting inspiration; unique and personal expressions may be created (or purchased) featuring a combination of clear and dyed resin, infused with wood or other objects of your choice – for eye-catching décor. For example, the elegant Torn Lamp Collection by Guideco Design shown below:

Another epoxy resin lighting idea is the stylish night light found on Hackster.com. This community is dedicated to the ‘hardware side’ of project craft. The ‘Night Lamp Using Arduino & Epoxy Resin’ shown below, is a table or desk top piece called ‘Lighthouse Under the Sea’ due to its nautical theme. However, the construction principle may be used with other elements of your choosing to create your own unique and personal illuminated statement.

Whether for home or office, epoxy resin lighting and accents are aesthetically-pleasing and functional touches that ‘light up’ any décor!

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