Epoxy Resin Lamp – Let There be Light…

Handmade wood & epoxy night light by Eduard Locota Design as posted on Etsy

“Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness.” ~Anne Frank

From homemade candles to mass-produced lighting fixtures, humans have been creating ways to artificially light up the nighttime hours for over 5,000 years. By chasing away the darkness and extending hours of light, mankind took the first steps towards being able to fully utilize the entirety of day and night. The first nighttime light (and heat) source was of course, fire…

“"Evidences of the first lamps used by early humans date back to 70.000BC. They were of simple structure - just a shell or a hollow rock, which holds piece of moss soaked in animal fat that burns with a flame," from 'History of Lamps and other Lighting Instruments.' Over time, other fuel sources were discovered and developed for use in lighting including kerosene and piped-in coal gas. By the early 19th century, most of the major cities in Europe and the US were lit up at night by gaslight.

The harnessing of electricity and development of the light bulb in the 19th century led to the creation of the electric lamp. And the industrial revolution led to mass production of these goods, among many others. But today, the strong DIY movement has led many artisans and hobbyists with the desire to create their own goods – or at least acquire them from others who do – which brings us to lamps made of epoxy resin

For instance, Etsy the popular ‘global marketplace for unique and creative goods,’ offers a wide variety of epoxy resin lamps hand crafted by resin artisans that may be purchased, or perused and used as ideas for projects of one’s own…

For more epoxy resin lamp DIY ideas, there are many sites offering inspirations for resin crafters such as Instructables.com with their wood and resin LED lamp and hand-tooled LED lamp. And Pinterest’s crafter Becky Jean highlights a variety of epoxy resin ideas and tips ‘10 IMPORTANT RESIN CRAFTING HACKS - DIY HACKS’ on her page.

Do-it-yourself wood and resin lamps provide opportunities to creatively light up and personalize spaces with unique hand-crafted lighting. Lighting home and work areas with your own creations makes for an attractive decorator touch and a fun hobby that says, “Look, I made it myself!”

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