Epoxy Resin – for Art-felt Expressions & Furnishings

We’ve explored the many ways epoxy resin may be used by residential crafters and do-it-yourselfers as well as in a variety of commercial and industrial sectors such as the automotive, marine, aircraft and aerospace industries. Another innovative application of epoxy resin is in elegant furnishings and decorative arts pieces including tables, stools, wall hangings and artful sculptures.

Shopping sites like Laurier Blanc (see image above) and Etsy (image below) feature a variety of elegant one-of-a-kind creations for home and office décor. These handcrafted furnishings not only add a decorative touch, but also make a personal statement about one’s surroundings. Many resin crafters, once they hone their skills making jewelry and other molded resin creations; begin designing and creating larger furnishings and decorative pieces for the retail sector such as this resin coffee table:

Resin and wood table from Laurier Blanc

Home furnishings are not the sole province of epoxy resin furniture and décor; many offices feature conference and accent tables, as well as wall hangings and sculptures made of epoxy resin. The durability and beautiful aesthetics make this material perfect for elegant surroundings and years of use. Office furniture like the conference table pictured below, are custom-crafted and made to order, allowing customers to choose the style and size to create an unique image all their own.


Custom-made conference table by Interesting Americana as featured on Etsy

Epoxy resin paintings, wall art and sculpture make complimentary accents to furnishings and help complete thematic office and home design expressions. From the use of vivid colors to crystal-clear creations - and the inclusion of other materials such as wood and striking metal accents at times - epoxy resin applications in artwork are only limited by the imaginations of the artisans and clients who commission these unique objets d’art. (Images below are as posted on Etsy, and may be viewed HERE.)


Custom Geode Wall Art by Dahl Fine Art & Design   Immadiacy by P. Ensyn 2018

Resin expressions in home and office furnishings and accent décor make for a unique style and statement all your own – helping you express yourself - Art & Soul.

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