Epoxy Resin Candleholders – Light the Way

“Look at how a single candle can both defy and define the darkness” – Anne Frank

One of our favorite “atmospheric” creations are epoxy resin candleholders. They help make any room into a warm and inviting place. Easy to make; they encourage one to explore their artistic side in so many ways! Plus, candleholders may be created to fit any type of candle you please, from tea-lights and votives, to tapers and pillars – so let your imagination run wild!

According to the National Candle Association (NCA), “candles have been used as a source of light and to illuminate celebrations for more than 5,000 years, yet little is known about their origin.” Credit is given to the ancient Romans, Greeks, Egyptians and early Chinese for evolving the candle in some throughout the ages. Improvements over time include wicked candles, the use of beeswax, and the addition of aromatic additives such as berries.

Candleholders, also known as candlesticks, were initially simple cups designed to catch the melting wax to keep it off of surfaces – and your skin! As mentioned above, there are a variety of candleholders designed to accommodate the myriad types of candles created. Early types and styles varied, often depending upon one’s status and wealth – from purely utilitarian candleholders – to ornate and decorative expressions of prestige.

And while not everyone uses our favorite ProMarine Supplies epoxy resin; we do want to share some intriguing candleholder craft ideas we discovered online to help get those creative juices flowing… 

In her column, ‘Beautiful DIY Resin Candle Holders’ Myra shares how she, “created two candle holders {or coasters} from two flowerpot saucers that I’ve had forever and old hymnbook pages that I’ve been dying to use for months!” Myra added songs from the hymn books to add visual appeal to the base of her candleholders:

epoxy resin candleholder

Myra’s Candle Coasters

Another candle style, tea-lights, calls for a holder of a different type. These tiny candles fit into many holders designed specifically for them. But what if you want to create some on your own that match your unique décor? As Sheri, crafter, blogger and owner of Hazel+Gold Designs explains in ‘How to Make a DIY Resin Tea-light Holder,’

“I bought a beautiful crystal tealight candle holder at the store and really loved the shape of it, the problem was that they didn’t sell it in any colors, they only had the clear crystal. Luckily, I knew all about EasyMold Silicone Putty and ways to cast resin so I knew that I could make the colors that I wanted easily!”

silicone mold

Shari’s Tea-light Silicone Putty Mold…

epoxy resin tea-lights

Shari's Finished Tea-light Holders

NOTE: These epoxy resin tea-light holders are designed to use with battery operated tea-lights only.

One of the projects that epoxy resin crafters often turn to is their own version of the river table. Morgan and Sean McBride of Charleston Crafted have combined this furnishing with a candleholder to create the ‘Epoxy River Candle Holder.’ “I made this easy epoxy river candle holder for my mom for Christmas. It makes a great gift for the candle lover in your family. It doesn’t take lots or tools or equipment and is very customizable,” Sean explained.

Epoxy River Candle Table

Charleston Crafted Epoxy River Candle Table

So whatever style, size or color you choose – there are candles and holders to highlight your artistic expression and illuminate and accent your décor! Let there be Light!

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