Epoxy and Allergic Reactions - What you need to know

A very small percentage of people who used different brands of Epoxy have reported that they have experienced various sensitivities while using Epoxy. The reactions are similar to those when exposed to poison oak or poison ivy, including itchy skin and itchy, or red/swollen eyes. This allergy is more common in people who already have allergies to certain products or foods, or sensitive skin. You might also find that you are allergic or sensitive to other crafting/art products as well, such as glues or glitters. The reaction that might happen, is the biological response of your body defending itself against the allergen it is sensitive to. 

The safety and well-being of our customers is our utmost priority. Please keep in mind that if you are allergic to a brand of epoxy, you're likely to be allergic to all brands, so it is important to seek out medical advice before continuing to use any epoxy products. If you feel like you are experiencing a reaction to epoxy it is best to avoid using the product and see a physician if irritation persists or worsens.