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Wonder-Fall Resin Crafts…

Nov 4th 2019

Wonder-Fall Resin Crafts…

The Time of Year for Inspiration & Creation…

Ah, the signs of autumn. Shorter days and cooler temps. Turning leaves. Kids back in school (yay!). Pumpkin everything - culinarily speaking. Holidays just around the corner. And time to reflect and indulge in one’s artistic musings with (epoxy resin) crafts…

After the busy summer season full of outdoor activities, vacations and other events; the contemplative and quieter season and sense of fall often leads one into indulging their muse. Some turn to literature and the arts, some sports, and still others enjoy spending time in creative pursuits – creating crafts, gifts and keepsakes for themselves and others.

We, of course, like to indulge in epoxy resin crafts! And to that end, offer some ideas to help inspire and guide you to your own creative ends...

One of the trends we’ve noticed lately comes from our customers. Several of them have started building unique and innovative sporting boards of various sorts – from surf boards to long boards (essentially large skateboards). For instance, Aloha by Aldy founder Amy Alderman, uses epoxy resin to create one-of-a-kind surf boards among other artistic endeavors. And, Nathan Sterns of Cedar Woodworking designs and builds wood and resin longboards – handcrafted for his clientele.

epoxy resin surfboard

Surfboard by Aloha by Aldy

epoxy resin longboard

Longboard by Cedar Woodworking

For the less athletically inclined, as well as more of an indoor activity with that next (much colder) season around the corner for many across the nation; the folks at Better Homes & Gardens highlight many ideas in ‘Resin Crafts.’ These DIY projects feature turning resin “into remarkable home accents using simple hardware, hobby and household items as molds.”

Projects featured include functional and decorative items such as epoxy resin buttons, napkin rings, pushpins, picture frames, paperweights as well as cabinet and doorknobs. One item that really caught our eye was their epoxy resin suncatcher (below) – an attractive and whimsical sea-glass inspired mobile meant to hang in “a sunny window to reflect light and color throughout the room.”

epoxy resin suncatcher

Epoxy Resin Suncatcher

Whatever your craft inspiration may be, there’s no end to the ways you can express your artistic side making decorative and practical (and not so practical if you like) creations with epoxy resin. By giving some of your creations to friends and family - you might also make some lasting impressions as well!