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What People are Creating, Crafting & Constructing with Epoxy Resin

Nov 6th 2018

What People are Creating, Crafting & Constructing with Epoxy Resin

epoxy resin countertop repair

Everyday Epoxy Experiences…

We hope that you find our blog informative and entertaining each week. It is our goal to bring you useful and relevant content about how epoxy resin may be leveraged for so many uses and projects. This week, we’ve scoured the web for ideas that have been posted from a variety of sources – to see what unique and innovative ways epoxy resin is being utilized everyday…

Many do-it-yourselfers (DIY) count epoxy resin as a mainstay in their toolbox. From coating, sealing and refinishing countertops and floors; to a superior adhesive and filler for building furniture and repairing wood moldings, window treatments and more – epoxy resin is a versatile and durable polymer that’s handy to have on hand.

Epoxy Resin Countertops

The post 'Cool ideas how to make epoxy countertops DIY' offers step-by-step instructions on how to create "A unique countertop is a conversational piece and will definitely show your craft skills and creative ideas," explaining that "It is not difficult to craft epoxy countertops, once you have decided what the design would be." (See the example from the site pictured above.)

Epoxy Countertop,’ a first-time epoxy countertop DIY project posted on explains the choice of epoxy, “I wanted to keep it robust yet as low cost as possible and ended up buying the parts separately rather than in a kit." As for the results, "Overall I am very happy with the look. I don't think the pictures (one below) do it justice to show how glassy smooth most of the surface is and how strong it feels. Comments are welcome, and I'd really like to see if anyone else has photos of their own epoxy creations."

DIY Ideas & Applications using Epoxy Resin

Another great resource for DIY ideas and applications is – specifically their post ‘4 Best Applications for Epoxy Resin,’ explaining that “Epoxy resin is very inexpensive to purchase but its effects can last for several years depending on its use.” Featured epoxy resin applications:

  • Craft Projects - a much better alternative than the 'plain white glue' of old, epoxy resin has become the adhesive choice of crafters and artisans
  • Household Repairs - the superior bonding and durability of epoxy resin makes it the perfect tool for a host of residential fixes - from broken pottery and glass to adhering wood, plastic and metals
  • Fixing Fiberglass - for use on model and full-size cars, boats and planes - epoxy resin reinforces, seals and protects these structures
  • Protect Coating - epoxy resin is used extensively in a variety of applications as a coating to seal and protect surfaces from wear and harsh environmental conditions

So Readers, we want to hear from you! What are you doing with epoxy resin? Contact us and tell us your Everyday Epoxy Experiences – We look forward to hearing from You!