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Versatile Epoxy Resin – for Artistic Creations to Practical Matters

Apr 1st 2019

Versatile Epoxy Resin – for Artistic Creations to Practical Matters

Versatile Epoxy Resin

Like Lego Blocks – You can Build so Many Things from Epoxy Resin

One of the reasons I love writing about epoxy resin so much each week is the wide variety of ways that people use this material. Exploring how artisans express themselves through resin creations – and how home and business owners build, repair and maintain their property – is an eye-opening journey for a writer. And, hopefully an informative and entertaining experience for you readers as well!

When I was first approached to write for ProMarine Supplies and their epoxy resin products, I thought writing about “glue” would be very limiting. I was so wrong! Because of course the story is not in the polymer itself – but in the people and the innovative and creative ways they leverage epoxy resin to accomplish so many things. From unique, one-of-a-kind crafts and decorative arts; to DIY residential and business projects – epoxy resin helps in so many ways.

The only limit to epoxy resin creations/applications is your imagination. Reminds me of the Lego Bricks I had as a kid (okay, I still have some around), and how I spent an afternoon building with my nephews. They had sets that were supposed to be something in particular (a boat, a plane, etc.); whereas my childhood sets were just general building blocks.

DIY Epoxy Resin

When I started “coloring outside the lines” by building my own creation, they were upset. “You have to build according to the directions!” I was told. It took some coaxing and creative coaching to get them to realize that the bricks could be anything they wanted – not just what the picture on the box says it’s supposed to be…

And it’s the same with epoxy resin creations. Our Ambassadors and Customers never cease to amaze us with the unique and innovative ways they use our products to express themselves - as well as address everyday project challenges. They build and refinish furniture. They create jewelry and art. They restore and maintain marine and auto body panels. The list goes on and on…

It is our sincerest hope that our weekly blog (and other content) give all of you intriguing ideas and practical advice on how to best leverage epoxy resin. This polymer is an invaluable tool for so many crafters and do-it-yourselfers. (Not to mention the commercial and industrial uses in diverse sectors including aerospace, construction, alternative energy and, of course, marine applications – also highlighted on our site.)

We’d love to hear what you do with epoxy resin. Share Your Story by Contacting Us HERE!