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Top 10 Resin Jewelry Ideas We Love This Summer!

Jul 15th 2022

Top 10 Resin Jewelry Ideas We Love This Summer!

Various resin jewelry ideas by many different artists on Instagram.

It’s no secret that jewelry has the ability to tell a story—about traditions, about the person who wears that piece, and even about the one who created it. Today, we wanted to talk about some standout jewelry pieces that we’ve seen from the resin crafting community. These 10 works of art serve to demonstrate the limitless possibilities of what you can create (and wear) in the vein of resin jewelry.

In no particular order, let’s jump right in!

Wood and Resin Jewelry

Wood and resin jewelry by @kimonrandomwares on Instagram.

There’s something to be said for the classic yet modern combination of wood and resin in jewelry—and that something is that it’s gorgeous. These pieces by @kimonrandomwares are a fantastic example of the variety that can be achieved by mixing these two mediums. Different shapes and sizes coupled with dyed resin and encapsulations make for stunning earrings and pendants—and just look at how the light hits them and makes them shine!

White and Gold Wedding EarringsWhite and gold resin earrings by @_uniquelyyours on Instagram.

We absolutely love the distinct shape of these dangling resin earrings by @_uniquelyyours. The union of gold metallic flakes and dyed white resin is so elegant, and we’ve never seen this playful, flower-like shape in resin work before. Whether you decide to wear these daily or for a special occasion, resin earrings like these offer a fashionable and customizable choice for everyone.

Wood and River Resin EarringsWood and river resin earrings by @rgwoodcraftsco on Instagram.

This pair of gorgeous wood and resin earrings crafted by @rgwoodcraftsco shows just how much work and detail goes into even the smallest of crafts. This piece was created using oak round cuts as a base. They then incorporate a technique known as lightning wood burning to create those gaps, which are filled with turquoise resin. The methods used to bring this piece to life are reminiscent of the beloved resin river table trend.

Kiwi EarringsKiwi resin earrings by @artbygabrielaa on Instagram.

These dazzling resin earrings by @artbygabrielaa are sporting all the summer vibes with their brilliant green coloration and those adorable kiwi additives. The variety of additives that exist for the crafting community today is beyond compare. Everything from cute critter confetti to sprinkles, dried flowers, and glitter in every color of the rainbow is available for you to experiment with—to use to tell a tale about who you are with what you wear.

Shark Tooth and Flowers Pendant

Shark tooth and flowers resin pendant by @lunargoddessart on Instagram.

We are blown away by the beauty of this resin pendant by @lunargoddessart. This stunning teardrop pendant contains not only a colorful assortment of dried flowers, but also an actual shark tooth that the creator found along the beach. It never fails to impress that resin artists have continued to improve their craft and find unique ways to incorporate items beyond what is sold.

Monstera Leaf Earrings

Monstera leaf resin earrings by @jewel_of_hawaii on Instagram.

What could possibly be more summery than the distinguishing leaves of the tropical Monstera plant? Also known as the Swiss cheese plant, the Monstera are recognized for the shape of their leaves. This particular shape and beautiful green coloration are what @jewel_of_hawaii has captured perfectly with this pair of resin earrings.

Crystal Ball Earrings

Crystal ball resin earrings by @velvetdames on Instagram.

These crystal ball earrings created by @velvetdames seem to be showing us that our future will be glamorous. Not only has the unique shape of these earrings caught our eye, but so too have the gold-tinted hand attachments that preside over these insightful crystal balls. Inside the resin, botanical elements that were foraged and dried by the creator are suspended in a state of motion that gives this jewelry a mystifying presence.

Colorful Resin Teardrop Pendants

Colorful resin pendants by on Instagram.’s assortment of prismatic teardrop pendants displays a wide variety of dazzling resin coloring techniques. They have it all: flower encapsulations, petri-style designs, glitter, combinations of your favorite colors, and more. Wearing one of these is nothing short of adorning yourself with a tiny artistic masterpiece.

Geometric Flower Earrings

Dried flowers and resin triangle earrings by @toriroseartco on Instagram.

One of the many striking things about these triangular resin earrings by @toriroseartco is the thoughtful contrast of its design elements. The pairing of the hard geometric shape with the delicate purple petal encapsulations is out of this world and supports this work’s position as a standout piece.

Glittery Teardrop Earrings

Teardrop resin earrings by @jenlashuaart on Instagram.

We’re wrapping up this top 10 list with these glitzy teardrop earrings by @jenlashuaart. These stylish pieces are a stunning combo of dyed resin and metallic craft flakes, and hypoallergenic steel wire. The colors that the creator achieved with their work have us completely speechless. If we had to pick one set over the other, we would probably go with the peach set—no, wait, blue. Actually, both are good.

Resin Is a Crafter’s Best Friend

What are some of your favorite trends in resin jewelry? What do you think that says about you as a person? Go ahead and share your thoughts with us below in a comment! Also, if you like to make resin jewelry, we welcome you to share your work and their unique stories with us on our social media.

Stay tuned for more crafting tutorials on the way.

And happy crafting!