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Think Your Smartphone is Cool? Composites Make it even Cooler…

Oct 7th 2020

Think Your Smartphone is Cool? Composites Make it even Cooler…

Epoxy Resin Composites

Epoxy Resin Composites (and others) Keep Electronics Cool…

I have an older model Sony tuner that I use to listen to music both over the airwaves, as well as via compact disks. (Yes, you might say that I’m “old school” in some ways.) The stereo is stored in an enclosed entertainment center, that over time, will heat up the CD player above it, causing it to cease operation…

Why am I telling you this in an epoxy resin blog? Because the situation reminded me of yet another benefit of polymer composite use - in electronics to aid with heat dissipation. Research results published in the Journal of Alloys and Compounds cite that scientists have discovered composites that conduct heat much better than traditional materials; thereby solving the problem of PCB (printed circuit board) overheating. *

What does this mean for us - the general public? Overheating electronics like our computers, cellular phones, and laptops, may cease functioning – and lock up or possibly restart. Aside from the sheer annoyance this causes along with the possibly lost data; overheating devices also damages electronic components. Integrated circuitry, processors and video cards are sensitive to heat, and while these will shut down when critical temperature is met as a failsafe, even moderate levels of sustained temperature rise can lead to processing errors and chip failure.

Aside from the high-heat resistance provided by resin composites, they also provide a host of other benefits including moisture and impact resistance - a boon for the Smartphone user as who hasn’t either dropped their phone or spilled something on it? Composite materials used in electronics manufacture not only protect the device but may also protect the user from electromagnetic waves when used as a conductive polymer. **

Multifaceted epoxy resin-based, as well as other polymer composites, are being used in more and more applications every day. They increase structural strength where applied yet with lighter weight, provide improved mechanical and electrical properties and longevity, and insulate and protect delicate circuitry. Now, if they can just keep my stereo from overheating…


*How to Cool a Smartphone, National University of Science and Technology MISIS

**Applications of Composites in Field of Electrical and Electronics by Girish Raghunathn