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Ten Unique Resin Projects We’ve Seen

May 13th 2022

Ten Unique Resin Projects We’ve Seen

Ten unique resin projects on display.

One of the great things about having a community of resin crafters is seeing all of the wonderful creations and the ingenuity behind them. Every day we’re lucky enough to be able to see these unique resin projects and today, we wanted to shine the spotlight on some of them. Let’s get a drumroll for these ten unique resin projects!

Unique Resin Projects

Moon Kingdom Resin Tray

Moon kingdom resin tray by @andromediart on Instagram.

This moon kingdom resin tray brings moon prism power to the max! Transform preexisting trays, or make your own one-of-a-kind piece with the magic of resin and deck it out to host a variety of trinkets and jewelry. @andromediart was inspired by a custom mold from @crystalizedcottage.resin to create this pretty platter by playing with glitter and pastel shades.

Island Resin Ornament

Island resin ornament created by @calypso_conch on Instagram.

@calypso_conch brings us some travel-sized ocean front property with this island resin ornament. You can use a combination of dyes and resin to create lifelike bodies of water in large or small products. This beautiful bauble in particular makes us think of the many possibilities of resin dioramas, like the one our friends at Alumilite built.

Resin Guitars

Resin guitars made by @colourfluxart on Instagram.

Many resin crafters are no strangers to the ocean resin art technique, and we love seeing the many ways this technique can be applied to your projects. The application of ocean resin art to the body of a Fender Stratocaster by @colourfluxart, frankly, rocks.

Resin Ulu Knife Handle

Resin Ulu knife handle by @deluxewoodcraft on Instagram.

This epoxy resin and wood combo ulu knife handle by @deluxewoodcraft is absolutely mesmerizing. A combination of burl wood and four different kinds of resin, this semitransparent finish demonstrates the kind of unique touches you can achieve with resin and accessories.

Epoxy Surfboard

Epoxy surfboard made by @gfm_art_hawaii on Instagram.

Now, we can’t promise its functionality, or that it will improve your surfer cred, but we can say that this combination of wood and dyed resin on a surfboard (by @gfm_art_hawaii) is nothing short of radical. We’ve even seen people take to the streets with their wood and resin creations in the form of skateboards, so, honestly, the sea was the next logical destination. 

3D Resin Painting

3D resin painting by @jenuonefauxponds on Instagram.

We’ve written about the 3D resin painting in the past, which is a style used by Japanese artist Riusuke Fukahori. To summarize, this is a stunning technique that involves painting on layers of resin in order to create a realistic representation of a container of liquid and that container’s inhabitants. Typically, people will paint aquatic animals such as goldfish on them. As you can see from @jenuonefauxponds’s piece, it’s a breathtaking technique that we always love to see more of!

Card Game Table

Resin card game table by @sky.stands on Instagram.

We’ve talked a lot about the uses of resin in home décor, and this is a particularly colorful example. Using a clear coat resin, such as our Table Top Epoxy Resin, means that you can make side tables with a variety of embedments and surfaces. @sky.stands didn’t skip their opportunity to create a unique and functional card game table, so you shouldn’t either!

Crystal Resin Wand

Crystal resin wand by @tartbytara on Instagram.

These crystal resin wands by @tartbytara have us positively spellbound! Made with a magical combination of crystal pieces and resin, and decorated with mushrooms and moss, these wands are perfect for adorning your altars or for meditative purposes. We’re particularly a fan of the dark purple—and the creativity that comes from custom molds creations.

Resin Painting

Resin painting by @rickachinoart from Instagram.

Speaking of cool resin paintings, we had to talk about this masterpiece by @rickachinoart. Layers of paint and resin create this eye-catching composition, which results in an effect similar to 3D resin painting. Other works by Rick feature a kaleidoscope of colors and geometric shapes that are sure to brighten up any space!

Mermaid Resin Jewelry Tray

Mermaid resin jewelry tray made by @thecre8tivenook on Instagram.

Dive straight into MerMay and put your fins together for this dazzling resin jewelry tray by @thecre8tivenook. Created with resin, crushed seashells, mica pigments, glitter, and silver leaf, this one-of-a-kind tray also sports chunks of crystal to hang your jewelry on. The mosaic patterning on the surface is a captivating detail that we can’t look away from!

Talk to Us at ProMarine Supplies

What are some out-of-the-box projects you’ve created using our epoxy resin? We’d love for you to share them with us on our social media sites—and if there’s a project of some kind that you’d like us to talk about on the blog, feel free to let us know as well!

So which project was your favorite? What comes to mind when you think about unique resin projects?

Happy crafting, everyone!