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Serving Up Style with Resin Trays and Serving Boards

Nov 2nd 2021

Serving Up Style with Resin Trays and Serving Boards

Epoxy resin has played a role in the creation of pieces both practical and artful, and today's topic is no exception. Trays, serving boards, and charcuterie boards are simple, useful, and approachable ways to employ and experiment with resin products. You can create your own from scratch using resin tray molds, or you can even spruce up an existing tray by coating it with layers of colored or clear resin.

The resin trays and DIY charcuterie boards that we’ve seen are not just imaginative, but they can serve a variety of purposes as well! These purposes that range from holding smaller trinkets like jewelry to, once fully cured, fashionably carrying food from your kitchen to your guests!

Making DIY Resin Trays and Serving Boards

There are a variety of tray-making kits sold online, which include tray molds that will be helpful for the process. Some crafters will also take an existing tray they have and coat the bottom of the inside with resin art before finishing with a top coat. For the most part, a lot of people turn to mold kits to focus their artistic energy on the overall appearance of a tray without having to worry about its basic structure.

You can also make your own tray mold if there is a specific vision or shape you're looking to achieve. We recommend a product like the Amazing Mold Maker from our friends at Alumilite, if you decide to go that route.

Which Resin Should You Use?

Wondering which resin you should use for your project? It helps to start by thinking about what you want to achieve. If you’re hoping to create something like ocean art on a pre-purchased wooden board, you can mix colorants with our Table Top epoxy and then, once cured, pour a clear glossy layer overtop.

However, if you are pouring into a tray mold, you have a couple of options. Molds about 1/4-inch deep or less are great for our Table Top! However, anything deeper would mean you should probably turn to our ProPour Casting Resin. For ease of use, each of our products also has a coverage calculator on their respective pages to help you determine how much resin you need for your individual projects.

Food for Thought

ProMarine Supplies' ProArt, Table Top, and ProPour epoxy resin products are all FDA-compliant when properly mixed and fully cured. This means that it is safe for them to come in frequent contact with food items, which one would expect from trays, and serving and charcuterie boards. Of course, it is essential to follow the proper instructions provided with each resin kit down to the smallest detail to ensure FDA-compliance for your projects.

Our products also have self-leveling properties, which results in a high-flow characteristic that helps fill up space and cover the surface area. You should always keep your projects level, however, if you are coating them in epoxy resin. By doing so, you can help ensure the chances of an even epoxy layer.

Lastly, when pursuing colors to dye your resin with, think about whether you are looking for something shiny versus matte, or translucent versus opaque. Here is a quick breakdown of how different color additives appear:

  • Mica Powder - Has an opaque finish and a natural shimmer; good for achieving a metallic look.
  • Pigment Powder - Can be used to achieve opaque colors without shimmer.
  • Resin Dye - Can appear both translucent and opaque.
  • Alcohol Ink - It's possible to achieve both translucent and opaque; traditional means of removing bubbles, like using a blow torch, might cause some damage because alcohol ink is flammable.
  • Acrylic paints - Opaque color in small castings, but thinner surface coatings will cause the paint to separate out. Also be certain that it makes up no more than 10% of the overall resin mixture.

A great general rule to follow is to be certain your colorants make up no more than 5% of your resin mixture to ensure proper curing! For more coloring tips, visit our blog post on the subject found here.

Resin Tray Ideas

The possibilities for decorating your resin tray are as limitless as you allow your imagination to be! Switch up the colors to suit your aesthetic, encapsulate flowers and stones, sprinkle in some glitter or gold flakes, even try your hand at resin geode art! We've found that ocean art techniques are also a very common style that crafters have explored when creating trays.

For inspiration, here are some wonderful examples of resin tray DIY from some of our many ProMarine Supplies creators!

billiejart's resin tray is a fantastic example of the sparkling likeness found in geode resin art.

anibelislandresin's hexagonal handmade tray proves that gold is not all that glitters!

@epoxyprobabes custom Halloween-themed tray is fun and festive—and not too spooky at all!

Resin Serving Board Ideas

A lot of the unique serving board concepts we see initially start out with a wooden serving board base that you can purchase online. This wooden base then serves as the canvas upon which you can create masterpieces to your heart's content.

Take a look below at some of the many DIY serving and cutting boards designs that the resin crafting community has come up with!

We're pretty sure we can see our reflection in the beautiful shine of @kayla_toth_art's cutting board!

We wonder if @markerifarm_equinedesign's ocean art serving board carries the scent of the sea with it wherever it goes.

resonateresinart's DIY serving board sports lovely sea-green ocean waves that really pop!

Talk to Us at ProMarine Supplies

If you have any questions about resin serving trays and boards, or anything else resin-related, you can reach us on our Contact Us page! You can also take a look at our FAQs section to find the answer to frequent customer questions.

Lastly, feel free to share your resin artwork with us on any of our social media under the name ProMarine Supplies.

Happy crafting, everyone!