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Satisfaction & Accomplishment via Epoxy Resin DIY Home Repairs

Aug 21st 2018

Satisfaction & Accomplishment via Epoxy Resin DIY Home Repairs

Epoxy Resin Home Repairs & Maintenance Guide

DIY Home Repairs & Maintenance using Epoxy Resin

Most homeowners at any given moment have something that needs repairing around the house – (if you’re not one of this group – congratulations!) maybe a piece of rotted molding, a window frame or column that requires attention. You can approach this as “it’s always something;” or as a DIY opportunity to add years to the life of your home and give you a great sense of self satisfaction and accomplishment (not to mention savings). And working with our epoxy resin will help get you started…

For instance, as shown in the image (and link) above, epoxy resin is a versatile repair and restoration tool serving a wide variety of uses. The DIY experts of ‘The Family Handyman’ magazine expound upon the versatility of epoxy resin, “Epoxy is the perfect material to make permanent repairs of rotting window sills, door jambs and exterior molding that are difficult to remove and expensive to replace. Epoxy is easy to handle too. You mix it like cookie dough, mold it like modeling clay and, when it hardens, you carve and sand it just like wood. It sticks like crazy and is formulated to flex and move with the wood, so it won't crack and fall out like some wood fillers.”

Practice Makes Perfect with Epoxy Resin

Getting comfortable working with epoxy – the mixing and application processes, just takes a little practice. In no time, you’ll find that doing your own home repairs is easy, uses the tools you probably already own, and saves you lots of money. You’ll wonder why you didn’t do-it-yourself years ago. You’ll probably save time too, by getting it done yourself versus waiting for contractors to show up for quotes – and then to perform the actual project once the timing and price is agreed upon.

One of the stalwarts of the home DIY movement, PBS’s ‘This Old House,’ regularly uses epoxy resin in home repair, refurbishment and construction. Projects including new flooring, building furniture and restoring window and door casement trim, all feature the application of epoxy resin. “Durable and flexible epoxy is the best way to restore crumbing woodwork,” writes Andy Engel in ‘Fixing Rotted Trim with Two-Part Epoxy.’

Epoxy resins are some of the best polymers on the market today for a wide variety of applications. These materials dry to a protective hard-shell finish for a long-lasting durable coating against corrosion, abrasion and extreme temperatures. Epoxy resin makes a great addition to any home DIY toolbox.