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ProMarine Epoxy Pro News – Autumn 2020

Sep 23rd 2020

ProMarine Epoxy Pro News – Autumn 2020

ProMarine Epoxy Resin News

Hello Epoxy Pros…

Autumn is upon us once again. You can feel the change in the air as the temperatures cool a bit and we’ll soon have that seasonal crispness back in our days. As mother nature starts to prepare for cooler weather - we prepare our autumn announcements and offerings for you – the big news being that we’ve launched ProArt our new Art Resin (more below) …

We find that fall is the perfect season to create crafts for friends and family for the upcoming holiday season – as well as get any DIY projects done before guests arrive for seasonal visits! And what better tool for these endeavors than epoxy resin? Especially with our fall holiday savings - as we’ll be featuring sales specials for Halloween and Thanksgiving! We’ll let you know via email - so be on the lookout…

In this Issue:

  • Epoxy Pro News – ProArt Launch!
  • Autumn Savings – Fall(ing) Prices
  • Website - User-friendly Updates

Epoxy Pro News – ProArt Launch!

Our new epoxy resin offering, ProArt, has been on the horizon for a few months as we’ve been diligently testing the formula to ensure its just right when released. ProArt is designed for artisans – for artwork creation and to seal and protect pieces. ProMarine’s new art resin formula is of slightly thinner viscosity for freeform art pours and fresco-style tint and dye mixes.

ProArt also features quicker mixing time, longer working time and easier manipulation for delicate art projects. Additionally, ProMarine’s new-formula art resin features and benefits also include:

  • Crystal-clear, High-gloss, Hard-shell Finish
  • U.V. Resistant Self-leveling Formula
  • Cures to a 100% Inert Solid with Water-Resistant Coating
  • Provides Superior Impact Strength

You can read the complete media release HERE.

Autumn Savings – Fall(ing) Prices

This fall, like the rest of the seasons, we’ll be highlighting some holiday sales, as well as some creative contest giveaways. We thank you, our Epoxy Pro Customers, for your continued patronage! Our sales and contests are one way that we try to express our gratitude for your support and positive feedback.

Upcoming ProMarine Sales:

  • Halloween Spooktacular Sale – October 29 & 30
  • Thanksgiving – Thanks to You – Sale – November 26 & 27

Look for upcoming sales and contest notices in your email inbox!

Website - User-friendly Updates

As you’ve probably noticed, the ProMarine website has undergone a complete overhaul recently. Our work-in-process is almost finished, and we hope that the new aesthetics, content and functionality are providing you, our Epoxy Pros, with the information you need.

Please let us know if you have any input about the new site that will help us serve you better. You can email your feedback to

We look forward to hearing from you!