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Preserving Flowers & Memories in Epoxy Resin

Aug 7th 2020

Preserving Flowers & Memories in Epoxy Resin

Epoxy Resin Encapsulation

Moving Beyond a “Pressing Solution” using Epoxy Resin…

One of the things we enjoy is perusing old bookstores - searching for that next great literary adventure – or treasured (and possibly signed) first edition. Recently, my wife picked up a copy of an Agatha Christie classic and was rewarded with a piece of ephemera – a pressed rose between its pages. A quick online search revealed that people have been pressing flowers in books for ages “to preserve their vibrant colors and unique shapes,” so writes Jeanne Walker in a WikiHow article appropriately titled, ‘How to Press Flowers.’

Which of course, got us to thinking about how to preserve flowers (as well as small plants and other items if one wishes) in their more natural un-pressed shapes by protecting them in perpetuity using – of course – epoxy resin! Rather than tossing that bouquet gifted by a friend, family member or loved one; why not make the blooms part of a keepsake of fond remembrances?

A popular keepsake format is the resin paperweight which serves to permanently encapsulate items of nostalgia as well as inspiring positive thoughts and invoking fond memories for years to come. Alternatively, a miniature maintenance-free terrarium could be created through the sealing and preserving of small plant life - or even a seaside scene could be recreated using sand, shells gathered on vacation - and a base coat of colored epoxy resin. Creative possibilities abound!

Epoxy Resin Paperweight

Flower Preserved in Epoxy Resin

Making these artistic and eye-catching art pieces is fun to do and easy to accomplish. The spherical plastic and silicone molds used, as well as a wide variety of other shapes from which to choose, are readily available at craft stores – and you already know where to get your epoxy resin! The hard part may be in deciding what flowers and other mementos to capture in your piece(s) – to best capture what’s in your heart…

The value of preserving memories cannot be overstated. Our memories are an inherent part of who we are - and the little tchotchkes, tokens and other things we collect as we make our journey through life – become intrinsic symbols of who we are. Saving and protecting these sentimental pieces remind us of where we’ve been and who we are.