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New Epoxy Resin Videos & Project ideas – Part 2

Jan 8th 2021

New Epoxy Resin Videos & Project ideas – Part 2

Epoxy Resin Videos

Try Your Hand at These Craft Creations…

Our video team has been hard at work creating new how-to videos for you to try as previewed in our ‘Part 1’ blog last week! We love demonstrating the many ways that epoxy resin can be used to make both beautiful and useful items that you can craft. Our video postings highlight the easy steps used to design and build a wide variety of decorative and functional pieces including jewelry, tumblers and household novelties – that showcase your creativity and craftsmanship.

For the furniture designers and builders, we’ve launched a river table production presenting how to construct a custom River End Table without using power tools; that can even be done in a non-workshop environment (for those of you like me with limited workspace). This seven-minute video will show you all you need to know to layout and build your own unique furnishing. Plus, using our new casting resin makes ‘deep-pour’ projects like this a snap.

Epoxy resin jewelry has always been a popular theme for artisans – creating everything from pins and pendants to rings and bracelets. Beautiful crystal-clear epoxy resin makes the perfect material to mold into any shape and size desired, as well as encapsulating keepsakes for permanent display. Our latest video on this theme shows how to make custom earrings!

We love dogs! For the pet lovers out there, we’ve posted a piece on creating custom dog tags. Rather than getting the same old boring metal tags in the pet store, why not give “Fido” his (or her) own unique nameplate? And you can add all sorts of interesting highlights to the tag such as glitter, bits of shell, pigments and dyes – whatever makes you (and your pet) happy!

Eye-catching drinkware and barware tumblers and accessories are another creative project often tackled by epoxy resin crafters. In fact, one of our Epoxy Pros Mychelle Ambeau-Derosin started her own business when others saw her own custom tumbler at a sporting event! Another one of our latest productions offers instruction on devising a wine caddy and coasters for those evenings of in-home entertaining.

If you, our Epoxy Pro Customers, have more video ideas that you’d like to see produced for our website - please We’d love your continued input as our content is, after all, created for you!