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New Epoxy Pro Guide - Art Resin for the Kitchen

May 23rd 2019

New Epoxy Pro Guide - Art Resin for the Kitchen

In this Epoxy Resin Guide:

  • Introduction – The Kitchen in Brief
  • Epoxy Resin – Now We’re Cooking
  • DIY (or not) Kitchen Creations
  • Lest we forget Counter & Table Tops

Introduction – The Kitchen – A Brief History & Evolution to Much More than just Food

epoxy resin

Throughout most of its history, the kitchen, was not the gathering place in the home it has become over the recent past. The ‘kitchen’ started in the middle ages as little more than an open fireplace that was kept lit to cook food.

The advent of chimneys in homes was a double-edged sword; making it easier to breathe and cook, but also dividing the home into two parts; with cooking on one side of the brick fireplace in the kitchen - and guests being received on the other side of the brick wall - in the living room.

The kitchen remained in the back of homes or below ground as a work room and not main living space until the turn of the 20th century and the industrial revolution. Newly introduced factory production and invention made its way into the kitchen where appliances became smaller and lighter – and storage cabinets abounded – greatly increasing efficiency in the kitchen.

Kitchen ergonomics advanced greatly in the 20th century with integrated appliances and cabinetry; making the room more attractive, efficient and a place worthy of entertaining.

Epoxy Resin in the Kitchen

Today’s kitchens are showplaces and the hub of activity in the household. But they have also become something more – a test kitchen (if you will) for home bloggers, crafters, and entrepreneurs – exploring and experimenting with a variety of new ‘recipes’ for hobbies and business ideas…

Epoxy Resin – Now We’re Cooking

Aside from working in the kitchen, epoxy resin crafters are creating a wide variety of useful and artistic items for this space Just some of these beautiful and functional kitchen accessories include serving trays, cutting boards, and decorative bowls, coasters and tumblers.

Epoxy resin makes a perfect material to coat and seal these culinary crafts as it’s a Food Safe Resin and FDA Compliant. Our enthusiastic Ambassadors constantly amaze us with their imaginative applications of this polymer!

Materials used for these epoxy resin projects run the gamete – everything from wood, metal and plastics – to the incorporation of personal bits unique to the individual crafter like artistic pieces of glass, ceramic, flowers and more. Almost anything that can be imagined can be sealed in a protective coating of epoxy resin for posterity!

DIY (or not) Epoxy Resin Kitchen Creations

Seems there are two types of artistic people; those who desire to create their own expressions, and those who appreciate them – but would rather acquire by purchasing from the artisans (like me)! Either way, rather you like participating in the creative process or not, you’ll appreciate and enjoy the results and use of these beautiful and practical kitchen accessories:

epoxy resin

Lest we forget Counter & Table Tops

When crafting kitchen accessories, it’s always nice to have your kitchen workspace ready to go as well! Coating and sealing counter and table tops with epoxy resin is easy and makes for a durable long-lasting surface. (And you can coat and seal the floors too!)

Epoxy Resin in the Kitchen

Epoxy resin is ideal for this type of project due to its multipurpose properties of adhesive, sealant, coating and protectant against impact, moisture and wear. Quality epoxy resin is self-leveling and cures quickly in about 20-30 minutes – to a crystal-clear hard-shell finish – and adheres to most substrates including wood, metal and most plastics.

You can find complete instructions and tips on surface preparation, epoxy dispensing, mixing and application, cure times and more on the FAQs section of our web site.

As the kitchen has become the “heart” of the house over the years, so too has the desire to make it one’s own. Adding personal touches that are handcrafted expresses your uniqueness and personality; and these accents shared with friends and family - transform your house into a:

Epoxy Resin Signs

Access the PDF version of this Guide to see more epoxy resin ideas for the kitchen: Art Resin for the Kitchen

And we're always open to topical ideas from you - our Epoxy Pro audience - so please feel free to submit comments and suggestions HERE