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Multi-Purpose Epoxy Resin – Bonding, Sealing & Protecting

Jan 29th 2021

Multi-Purpose Epoxy Resin – Bonding, Sealing & Protecting

Versatile Uses Of Resin

Versatile Epoxy Resin Serves a Variety of Uses

There are a few things in life that aren’t specific to one purpose only: for instance, Swiss Army Knives like the one pictured above. But by and large, the old adage “the right tool for the job” still holds true. Not so for epoxy resin. This material is used in so many ways for so many solutions in a wide variety of applications. Let’s explore further a few of these attributes…

Bonding -

Superior adhesive properties are one of the defining characteristics of epoxy resins. Strong bonding and reinforcing capabilities, coupled with adaptability to adhere to most substrate materials, keep epoxy resins in great demand. Plus, the ability to even further reinforce the material with fiber additives, such as glass and carbon fibers, creating composites that offer high tensile strength combined with light weight.

Sealing – 

Once cured, epoxy resin provides a crystal-clear hard-shell finish that seals and protects (more on that below) the surface to which it’s applied. Another advantage of note is the material’s minimal shrinkage during the curing process – providing a reliable filling and bonding material. Due to its sealing properties, epoxy resin may be used as a primer, paint, non-skid coating and more…

Protecting - 

The impact, moisture and corrosion-resistant properties of epoxy resins provide a protective shield around the foundation material(s) to which they’re applied. Benefits realized include resistance to ongoing wear-and-tear, temperature tolerance from heat and fire, and protection from water and chemical compounds. Epoxy resins are used to protect delicate artwork from handling, and roadways and bridges from the wear-and-tear of the elements.

Aside from the many artisanal, craft and homeowner DIY projects accomplished using epoxy resin; this material is used in many commercial applications and industries as well. From protecting sensitive electronics in consumer products as well as in automotive, aerospace and military applications - to being an integral structural component in the construction of buildings, solar turbines, and marine vessels. Much like the Swiss Army Knife, flexible epoxy resin’s adaptability and versatility truly provide a multi-purpose tool.