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Meet the Team

Jun 24th 2022

Meet the Team

Several colorful resin projects on display. Meet the Team

This week on the ProMarine blog, we decided it would be fun to pull back the curtain and let you meet some of the faces behind the brand. So today we’re going to introduce you to the team, discuss what it is they do, and talk about what resin project they found most interesting when asked.

Tori, Our Digital Marketing Specialist

Resin guitar by @colourfluxart on Instagram and ProMarine Supplies employee Tori.

Tori works on our team as the Digital Marketing Specialist, which means she’s behind the scenes on all things social media and digital marketing for ProMarine Supplies. She also has recently appeared crafting alongside Maker and Educator, Jordan, in our new Amazon live Craft-Along streams.

When we showed her a list of some of some of your beautiful summer projects, it was the ocean art guitar by @colourfluxart (pictured below) that caught her eye. As some who is a big fan of music, Tori loved that she could easily picture doing a similar project using her own guitar.

Ashley, Our Content Writer

Resin tray by @andromediart on Instagram, ProMarine Supplies employee Ashley, and her cat, Jacob.

Next up is Ashley, ProMarine Supplies’ content writer. As the content writer, she’s typically responsible for the creation of blog posts, website and ad copy. Occasionally, she also helps out with scripts for short videos and any proofreading or editing that needs to be done.

Although it was a tough choice to make, Ashley’s pick was this resin trinket tray below by @andromediart. The koi and Sakura flower imagery reminds her of her interest in Japanese culture and she loves the soft pastel colors used throughout.

Joe, Our Video Editor

Ocean art on a piece shaped like an anglerfish by @calypso_conch on Instagram and ProMarine Supplies employee Joe.

Next up is Joe, our video editor. As a member of our production team, Joe spends most of his time editing video and photos needs to perfection and assisting with production setup.

When asked what summer project he’s a fan of, Joe cited the piece below, created by @calypso_conch. Although he had a difficult time deciding, it was 3D resin ocean art in the shape of an angler fish that ultimately wielded the gold medal. It was because the project reminded him of nature, of how “forever fascinating” it is “in what it conjures up to fit into an ecological nice” that it was a clear winner in his mind.

Jordan, Our Maker and Educator

Resin and wood pintail longboard by @oakandironbound on Instagram and ProMarine Supplies employee Jordan.

What does it mean to be a maker and educator under ProMarine and, on a larger scale, under Polytek Development Corp? Well, Jordan supports customers and their desire to learn by assisting in the creation of tutorials, project guides, and videos that help them create their very best. He answers any questions crafters might have and ensures that the products we have and are developing work for their intended purposes.

It was the resin pintail longboard by @oakandironbound that Jordan gave his gold star! He stated that not only is it visually striking, but it has a great wow factor and he loves that it serves as both a practical and decorative piece of art.

Matt, Our Head of Content Production

Resin frog by @creativeartistryshop on Instagram and ProMarine Supplies employee Matt.

As the head of content production, Matt frequently works with ProMarine Supplies’ production team to deliver their best content. His day varies depending on the needs of the brand; one day, he could be planning new photo and video shoots and another, he’s having in-depth discussions about their work and how it can be continuously improved. If there’s a challenge on the horizon, he loves working with the team and using the knowledge he’s gained to overcome it.

When it came to selecting his favorite project out of the batch, Matt picked this resin frog casting made by @creativeartistryshop. He appreciates seeing resin projects that involve people mixing and matching different things to make something unique. He also said that he likes how well the colors play together and that it’s “a little out of the ordinary”.

Ryan, Our Brand Manager

Flower and resin charcuterie boards by on Instagram and ProMarine Supplies employee Ryan.

Ryan is ProMarine Supplies’ brand manager, which means he actually wears a lot of hats. Ultimately, his job is to oversee and be involved in all aspects of the ProMarine Supplies’ business, to ensure that the core values and missions of the brand are being reflected in the work that’s done.

Ryan’s favorite summer project is this set of charcuterie and servings boards created by To him, these lovely charcuterie boards are the perfect project that remind him of summer parties and get-togethers. It’s also something he could see himself making one day.

Luke, Our Videographer and Photographer

Ocean resin art on clocks by on Instagram and ProMarine Supplies employee Luke.

Luke is our videographer and photographer, so his job involves planning shoots, capturing excellent photo and video content, and also editing that content per the team’s needs.

His favorite project from the bunch is the resin ocean clock that was made by Not only is the ocean art beautiful and seamless, but he appreciates the unique and customized nature of the piece. In fact, when choosing décor for his own home, it’s that unique and customized nature that he’s always on the lookout for.

Rebecca, Our E-Commerce Coordinator

Greenery encased in resin wine stoppers by on Instagram.

Last, but not least, meet our e-commerce coordinator, Rebecca! Rebecca’s job entails her assisting on all matters related to ProMarine Supplies’ Amazon shop. In fact, it was her suggestion recently that we get our Amazon Lives up and running. Thus, our Craft-Along series was begun.

Rebecca picked these gorgeous leafy-green wine stoppers crafted by, which remind her of the times she spends hanging out with and entertaining friends at her home.

Talk to Us At ProMarine Supplies!

That’s everybody for today! We’re delighted to share a little bit about the people behind the brand, who continue to work hard to provide you with quality products and the content that we hope inspires you.

Which project would you say is your favorite from the ones that we’ve picked? Is it the kind of thing you enjoy making with resin yourself? If you’d like, share this blog on social media and let us know with tags like #promarinesupplies, #promarine, #pmtabletop, #pmproart, and #pmpropour.

Thank you for joining us!