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Keep Your Friends Close and Your Phone Closer

Oct 5th 2021

Keep Your Friends Close and Your Phone Closer

Ocean art DIY phone grip by @wildcanvasdesign on Instagram.

Keep Your Friends Close and Your Phone Closer

Cell phones are a huge part of our lives; this has become an indisputable fact. The accessories we decorate them with have been and will always continue to be a unique way to express ourselves. We at ProMarine Supplies believe that the ultimate form of self-expression comes with the opportunity to create something of your own!

Creativity has no bounds, and your next creative project does not have to be something intimidating. Show the world who you are by crafting your own accessories and decking out your phone with your very own resin DIY phone grip.

How to Make Resin Phone Grips

What You Will Need:

  • ProMarine Supplies' ProArt Epoxy Resin
  • Phone grip molds
  • Glue
  • Measuring cups
  • Stir sticks or popsicle sticks
  • Gloves (always be safe when using epoxy resin products!)
  • Additional decorative objects like glitter, color-shifting powder, colorants like Pro Mica Powder

Tips and Tricks for DIY Phone Grips

Epoxy resin's versatility lends itself to a variety of crafty applications, including making phone grips and phone grips.

Learning how to make a phone grip typically starts with purchasing a blank version of whatever item you'd like. Blank phone grips can be purchased in multiple colors in bulk online. You will also need either resin phone grip molds! Usually, these molds are made from materials like silicone to prevent epoxy resin from sticking to them.

We recommend reading through the instructions that come with your ProMarine Supplies' ProArt Epoxy Resin, regardless of whether you are familiar with resin products or not. ProArt Epoxy Resin is measured in a 1-to-1 by volume ratio, which makes it easy to use and approachable to work with.

Before you pour and combine the two parts of the ProArt resin, you will want to decide what kind of design you are aiming for. You can approach this in a variety of ways.

If you're looking for something simple, a few layers of glue and some glitter of your choice is an option! Alternatively, you can embed something thin, like a pressed flower, in resin using more basic circular molds.

If you're embedding a flower, keep in mind that dried flowers are more likely to create fewer bubbles in the resin. Also make sure to thoroughly mix the two parts of your epoxy resin to lower the chances of swirls and bubbles.

If you're applying resin to layers of glitter, as previously mentioned, you can use stir sticks to gently push the resin around to get an even coat. This will make a smooth protective layer over your art that guards against corrosion, moisture, and wear-and-tear damage.

Allow any of the resin pieces you've made to cure for the specified amount of time. Lastly, like the flower encapsulation idea, you can use glue to attach the resin to the blank phone grip.

And voila, your custom epoxy resin custom phone grip is complete! Use it to rep your style or gift it as a thoughtful token to a friend!

Epoxy Phone Grip Ideas

Resin custom phone grip idea by @cmoreart203 on Instagram.

@cmoreart203's custom crystal geode phone grip shines bright like a diamond!

Resin phone grip idea by @resinbyval on Instagram.

All that glitters is gold... or is it @resinbyval's glittery golden phone grip?

Epoxy Resin DIY phone grip idea by @arttreasures_bypj on Instagram.

@arttreasures_bypj has captured every color of the rainbow with their phone grips.

Our thumbnail image, which is by @wildcanvasdesign on Instagram, is another fantastic fun example of . 

Talk to Us at ProMarine Supplies

If you have any questions about these crafty applications, feel free to reach out to us on our Contact Us page or check out our FAQs section. For sharing your own creations with us, you can visit any one of our social media, like Instagram, and tag us!

Happy crafting!