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How to Get Bubbles Out of Resin

Jan 16th 2018

How to Get Bubbles Out of Resin

A piece of epoxy without resin bubbles and one with bubbles.

How to Get Bubbles Out of Resin

Air bubbles are one of the most common issues that people experience when working with epoxy resin. They can develop at multiple points during the process, even sixty minutes after curing has begun. But we promise their presence doesn’t mean your dream project is ruined! Some of the bubbles will even pop on their own after reaching the surface. However, you’ll want the rest to take a hike in order to achieve a glass-like smooth surface with products like our Table Top Epoxy.

Before we talk about how to get bubbles out of resin, we'll discuss what causes them.

Why do bubbles occur in resin and how do you prevent them?

Epoxy bubbles are a common problem for several different reasons. They can occur due to:

  • Improper mixing
  • Encapsulating porous materials like wood, leaves, and paper
  • Bad pouring techniques

Before we dive into removing those pesky bubbles, here are some tips that will help you minimize them from the beginning:

  • Put the bottles in a warm water bath for 10-15 minutes before measuring & mixing to thin out resin

How to get bubbles out of resin and preventing them with a warm water bath for your bottles.

  • Mix slowly to avoid introducing extra air to the resin

Mix epoxy slowly to get rid of resin bubbles.

  • Pour resin into mold at an angle so the resin can fill all the spaces naturally

Epoxy resin poured at an angle prevents resin bubbles from forming.

  • Pour with a super thin stream to get rid of bubbles as you’re pouring

Pour resin in a thin stream helps get resin bubbles out of epoxy.

  • Use a heat gun or torch after pouring

How to Get Rid of Air Bubbles

Option 1: Popping bubbles with a pin or a toothpick

There are a lot of options for getting rid of micro bubbles in resin. The simplest approach is to pop bubbles with a pin or toothpick. This will take time and patience--and we don't recommend doing it for large-scale projects.

Getting bubbles out of resin using a toothpick to pop them.

Option 2: Blowing on bubbles with a straw

Using a straw to get rid of epoxy bubbles is equally as challenging on larger pieces of art. You might be able to use this method to deal with smaller creations or touch-ups, but keep in mind that time may be against you.

Option 3: Turning a hair dryer into an epoxy dryer

If there's one thing resin bubbles can’t stand, it's the heat. You can actually use a hair dryer to pop bubbles; however, the heat a hairdryer provides is less potent than that of a butane or propane torch. With a hairdryer, there’s a chance that the air will blow around dust or hair and ruin the glass-like finish you’re looking for.

Option 4: A heat gun

A heat gun will provide you with the heat you’re looking for, but you still run the risk of the air stirring up dust and mixing it with your wet resin. Your best option for getting rid of bubbles in epoxy resin is a butane or propane torch.

Getting bubbles out of resin using a heat gun.

Option 5: A butane or propane torch

The heat and intensity of a butane or propane torch is the most efficient way to get rid of bubbles in your resin. You can use a small culinary torch or a bigger propane version for large art pieces, tabletops, or countertops.

Use a blowtorch to get bubbles out of resin.

Propane Torch Tips

Propane torches don't have to be intimidating. Here are some tips for operating them safely!

Do not:

  • Leave a flame unattended
  • Keep a flame near flammable substances
  • Keep the flame in one spot for too long
  • Over torch; it can cause damage to your project


  • Work in a well-ventilated area
  • Use a back-and-forth motion when torching
  • Keep your torch roughly 8 inches from the surface of your project

If you have any questions about resin bubbles or bubble-removing techniques, feel free to contact us at

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