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Fourth of July Crafts: American Flag Tray

Jun 15th 2022

Fourth of July Crafts: American Flag Tray

American flag craft tray with drinks sitting on a picnic table.

Fourth of July Crafts: American Flag Tray

Can you hear the fireworks popping? July is approaching, which means the 4 th isn’t too far behind. For the upcoming Independence Day, we’re going to be talking about an American flag craft that can also be customized for a variety of holidays. We wanted to highlight this patriotic craft ahead of time so you can show it off for any Fourth of July celebrations you have planned.

Before we jump into how to make it, here’s a supply list.

What You’ll Need:

Let’s go!

The first thing we want to do is give ourselves a good outline to paint on by sketching out the flag pattern on our tray. For this, we used a pencil and a straight edge. You may have to do a little math (which is not everyone’s favorite, we know) to evenly space out the flag’s stars and stripes.

How you go about measuring these will depend on the size of your tray. For reference, our tray was 16” by 12”. There are 13 stripes in the American flag, so ultimately you’ll want to measure the height of the tray and divide it by 13. Your blue square should extend down to the bottom of your sixth stripe, and the blue square’s width should be half the tray.

A tape measure and pencil used to draw lines for an American flag tray.

We weren’t able to fit 50 stars in our blue square, but it’s the thought that counts, right? You can either freestyle the stars or even get star stickers. We realized a little late that stickers might actually be much easier. Hindsight is 20/20…

Pencil being used to draw stars on a wooden tray for a Fourth of July craft.

Once you’ve got your lines sketched out, you can start the painting process. Take your time with it and do multiple coats when necessary. Depending on what tray you use as your base, you might have to go over certain colors more than once.

Touch up as necessary and allow your paintwork to dry before you apply some epoxy resin.

An American flag being painted on a wooden tray.

Now it’s time to measure and mix up our resin! Before we do that, make sure to put on your gloves and safety glasses.

We’ll be using ProMarine Supplies Table Top Epoxy Resin and relying on its super simple 1:1 by volume ratio.

Pour out equal parts A (epoxy) and B (hardener) and use a stir stick to combine them. While mixing, be slow and thorough and use folding motions to ensure it all comes together. Mixing slowly can also help limit the amount of air that is introduced into the epoxy.

Mix for several minutes until there are no striations and prepare to pour.

Epoxy resin being mixed above a Fourth of July tray.

Resin like our ProMarine Supplies Table Top Epoxy Resin are self-leveling and will begin to level out as soon as you start pouring. Use additional utensils as necessary to make sure that your resin coat is even across your entire piece.

Epoxy resin being poured onto a Fourth of July American flag tray.

Once you’ve poured your resin, you can use a tool of choice to remove any surface bubbles. We always turn to our trusty blowtorch, but a heat gun is also a fantastic option.

You can come back from time to time to continue to remove bubbles if you’d like. Otherwise, it’s time to have the tray sit in a clean dust-free environment and let the resin cure.

If you plan on having this tray in indirect or direct contact with food on a frequent basis, we recommend allowing it to cure for a week before putting it to use. Keep in mind that our resin is food safe per FDA code 21CFR175.300 only when measured, mixed, and cured properly.

Ready to see how it turned out? Here is a photo of our finished project:

American flag tray with drinks sitting on some grass.

We’re super happy with how it looks! That layer of resin will not only protects our artwork but is also super glossy and makes the art underneath pop like a firework.

You can go beyond celebrating a holiday as well. Paint whatever design you have in mind and coat it with a layer of resin to step up your serving tray game.

Show Us Your Summer Projects

A whole new season means all sorts of new resin projects to dream up! What inspires you about the summer season and how do you reflect that in your resin work?

If you’re excited about any epoxy resin projects, share them with us on all our  social media sites!

Happy Fourth of July, crafters!

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