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Feature Friday: Kayla Toth

Nov 19th 2021

Feature Friday: Kayla Toth

Who is @Kayla_toth_art?

It was Confucius who said, “Choose a job that you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” While that may not be the truth for everyone, it definitely holds true for today’s Feature Friday resin artist and ProMarine Supplies’ Affiliate, Kayla Toth or @Kayla_toth_art on Instagram. When it comes to both her day job as a registered Veterinary Nurse and her artistic career, she says simply, “Taking care of animals has never felt like work to me, and neither does my art.”

With the support of her friends and family and a deep appreciation for her work, Kayla sells her seaworthy ocean art wares in her own online shop. One day, she even hopes to teach art out of her studio and pursue her dream project of working on “unique live edge pieces.” Live edge pieces, like tables, involve leaving one side of the item in its natural wood state and shape.

What Inspires You?

As a registered Veterinary Nurse by day, Kayla’s art is inspired by her compassion for creating, her love of animals, and the years of craftsmanship instilled in her by her parents all her life. Having dabbled in a variety of artistic endeavors–everything from ceramics and crochet to pyrography and metal work– Kayla also appreciates the chance to converse with aspiring artists, collectors and other artisans.

What Products Work Best for You?

Kayla states that she uses ProMarine Supplies’ Table Top Epoxy and ProArt Resin and that she finds the product’s viscosity and cure time conducive to her best work. She even recently tried out ProMarine Supplies’ ProPour Casting Resin on a live edge table project and found that it “cured nicely, [had] minimal bubbles during the pour, and a beautiful glossy finish.”

When Do You Like to Create?

Everybody’s different, so we’re always curious what time of day people find they do their most creative work. Kayla admits it isn’t as much about her having a favorite time of day to create as it is about knowing when the right time to create is. For her, that could be, “The time when I need to blow off some steam, release stress, or get some feelings out. The time when I’m feeling grateful, turning on the music, suns out, and full of energy. The time when I wake up with a brand-new idea and can’t wait to get to work.”

What is Your Advice for Someone New?

When we asked Kayla if she had any advice for new creators, she recommend taking these practices to heart: “Each day ask for patience, it will serve you well. Hard work never comes easy. Never forget how rare you are.”

At the end of the day, Kayla hopes her work will “inspire you to find your niche and do what makes you truly happy” and emphasizes how important it is to “find motivation and the work-life balance from those you love most”.

If you find yourself motivated by Kayla’s words, you can use the one-time code Ktoth to get a 10% discount on all ProMarine Supplies’ products starting today! To see Kayla Toth’s inspired work, visit her website at

Happy crafting, everyone! We hope you find your niche.