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Feature Friday: Jen McCracken

May 27th 2022

Feature Friday: Jen McCracken

Jen McCracken and her resin work for Feature Friday.

Who is Jen McCracken?

Jen McCracken is a paint pour and resin artist from Fresno, California who was introduced to epoxy by fellow Pro Epoxy Babe, Elena Corradino. When she was looking to brighten up the colors of her fluid acrylic paint pours, it was epoxy resin that came to the rescue with its smooth glossy finish.

Presently, she fashions her fantastic resin creations, everything from coasters and candle holders to wall hangings and general décor, from a modest workspace in her kitchen. Regardless of the space she has, she has expressed that she truly enjoys making “fun and affordable décor so my customers’ homes can feel like more!”

Colorful resin coasters made by @jens.paint.and.pour on Instagram.

What ProMarine Supplies Product Do You Like?

Jen’s worked with a variety of ProMarine Supplies products but confesses that she is “currently loving Table Top for its flexible applications.” When it comes to her projects, she likes that she “can pour in molds or I can do coatings” and that she can always count on it for her “variety of art”.

Resin cat art by @jens.paint.and.pour on Instagram.

What Would Your Dream Project Be?

There are so many project possibilities when you work with resin, so we’re always curious about the project for our makers. So, of course we asked Jennifer what her dream project would be!

Since her current workspace is a little limiting, she admits that she wants a larger workspace to make it work. However, on her to-do list is “a river table with natural elements to mimic a riverbed” especially because “the idea of making functional furniture makes my creative heart thump!”

Resin flower tray by @jens.paint.and.pour on Instagram.

What is your most memorable “failed” project?

When you’re just beginning in your artistic endeavors, it can be easy to think that mistakes spell the end. But the truth is, everybody has a project “fail” now and again, regardless of skill level. Asking about memorable project “fails” is a fun way to show that art is a process of continuous growth.

Jen recounted her most memorable “fail” with enthusiasm:

“The very first time I worked with the Pro Pour Resin Formula I was super excited, but also super nervous since it was my first experience using this specific formula. I poured a beautiful pink ring holder, cleaned up and left it to cure. I usually double back a few times to check for bubbles and to make sure everything is going smoothly. I noticed that the ring holder flash cured, or so I thought! I was a bit shocked, so I demolded to see what it looked like. Come to find out it didn't flash cure fully; the pointed tip was still soft, and it ended up resembling a cone with a pink swirled flop top! I still have this ring holder because of this fun fail!”

Resin and flower decorated cheeseboard by @jens.paint.and.pour on Instagram.

What Advice Would You Have for Someone New?

Every resin artist has a unique piece of advice to offer those who are new to the field. A nugget of wisdom based on their own experiences as a creator. More than anything, Jen emphasized the importance of creating for yourself. She offers, “Make the kind of art you want to make, don’t worry about trying to fit in with the crowd! This world needs to see your unique creations!”

We certainly couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

To put more of those special creations out into the world­–the ones only you can make­–you have the opportunity to save 15% on our website with the code PAINTPOUR15 at checkout. Take a look at Jen's Instagram for more of her lovely resin work! 

And, as always, happy crafting, epoxy pros!

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