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Epoxy Resin Workspace - A Clean, Well-Lighted Place…

Mar 5th 2021

Epoxy Resin Workspace - A Clean, Well-Lighted Place…

Epoxy Resin Supplies

In Ernest Hemingway’s short story, “A Clean, Well-Lighted Place,” one of the central themes is the importance of having a comfortable place in which to spend time. So too, do epoxy resin artisans and crafters need an area to call their own whereby they can design and create artwork and craft projects that is uncluttered where they can let their muse shine…

One of the things we haven’t touched upon in a while (if at all), regarding epoxy resin projects is the importance of place. An area designated for crafting and creation. This is important both from a practical perspective as well as a psychological one. Keeping both space and mind clear and ready for artistic inspiration when it strikes…

A recent article in Popular MechanicsA Well-Lit Workshop: How to Turn Your Basement into a DIY Utopia,” by Ryan D’Agostino speaks to how a well-functioning workshop leads to making both you and your projects progress like a “well-oiled machine.” Removing clutter and organizing the tools and supplies needed for tasks gets the hurdles out of the way – so one is ready to create. Chaos is the enemy of creativity.

Mr. D’Agostino speaks to how when his workbench “became a mess,” he stopped enjoying the time he spent there. So, to control an “unruly space,” he turned to a neighbor and got organized – adding shelves, proper electrical and lighting. His neighbor, Popular Mechanics contributing editor Richard Romanski’s workspace “is literally a cathedral and organized like nothing I’ve ever seen.”

A Place for Epoxy Resin Crafts

Together, they made Mr. D’Agostino’s work area one where he enjoys working – adding pegboards for tools, and above bench shelves to keep oft-used items close at hand. Shelves installed nearby may be used for works in progress and for storage of larger tools and an inventory of supplies. Planning and forethought can turn a just-usable workspace into an efficient area where working is a pleasure.

From a mental-health perspective, having a curated workspace makes for a distraction-free zone - as well as a boon to creativity and productivity. Creating a designated workshop makes for a strict dived between work life and home life - enhancing attitude towards work – making it more enjoyable and time spent more fulfilling.

A welcoming workspace means we’ll spend time there, lowers stress levels – thereby making us happier. These principles apply not only to workbench-type areas, but also home offices in general. So, create a “Clean Well-Lighted Place” to call your own. You’ll be happy you did!