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Epoxy Resin Wall Art

Jun 21st 2021

Epoxy Resin Wall Art

DIY Resin Pours Create Colorful Works of Art

Epoxy resin makes a great medium for colorful abstract works of art. Resin pours are an easy and fun way to create freeform expressions through layers of color and texture. Tinted and poured epoxy resin may be “tilted” on its foundation of canvas, wood (or other substrate) for a fluid-flowing look; or spread using brushes, sponges, spatulas or other tools for an entirely different result.

Can’t decide how to begin your epoxy resin fluid pour creation? Just mix, pour and let it flow with whatever colors and patterns that strike you! Or, if you know where your artwork is going to be featured; highlight the piece with colors and strokes that best accent the décor and accessories in the room. Remember, there are no wrong answers in abstract art.

Epoxy Examples & Resin Resources

We’ve got a number of resources to help you begin your own fluid pour artwork creation process including visual instruction on our videos page, success stories featuring the insights and works of some of our Epoxy Pro Customers, and our Epoxy Pro Guides highlighting ideas and inspirations along with creative and practical approaches for using epoxy resin:

  • Our epoxy resin videos page features presentations on a couple of abstract painting techniques; in Fluid Pour Masterpiece - resin artist Ashley Bronson shows you her artistic style, and our step-by-step Dirty Pour tutorial shows you how to easily make your own masterpiece

No matter your artistic inspiration, style or drive, epoxy resin art will help you express your personal sense of taste and creative spirit. Take Lenore Diamond Robins for instance; she needed wall art for a newly acquired home. Not finding what she was looking for, she decided to create her own epoxy resin artwork. What began as a personal artistic mission, blossomed into a thriving business enterprise. Her artwork is now featured in several galleries and online marketplaces. Who knows? Maybe the next great epoxy resin wall artist is…you!