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Epoxy Resin Table - A River Runs through it...

Jul 17th 2018

Epoxy Resin Table - A River Runs through it...

Casting Resin

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Epoxy Resin River Tables

We love the versatility, durability and variety of uses that epoxy resin provides. And we enjoy exploring what people are doing with this wondrous material; and how they are expressing their creative savvy through artistic and household DIY projects. One of the creations that got our attention is the epoxy resin river table – both for its form as an attractive decorative piece - and function as a sturdy everyday furnishing.

To get you started, you can visit – and as this was site owner Brad’s first epoxy resin project, he had this to say, “I’ve been seeing a lot of epoxy resin projects lately and I wanted to incorporate a twist on the typical live edge river tables that I’ve seen.I had a twisty slab of cherry that was perfect for the job, so I went for it! Working with the epoxy resin was not nearly as hard as I thought. You can use standard tools to machine it.”

And of course you can find the right epoxy resin for the job from us HERE. As his tabletop project progressed, Brad explained, “To prep for the epoxy resin pour I needed to clean up the live edges.I sanded off any loose material and got a good surface for the epoxy to stick to. A complete set of instructions, including what tools you’ll need, may be found HERE.

Resin River Tables - Build or Buy?

For those of you who don’t feel that you’re ready to build an epoxy resin river table on your own yet; there are many styles and sizes available online through sites such as If you’re so inclined to create your own home furnishing however, we encourage you to do so as you’ll get immense satisfaction from doing-it-yourself – and a job well done!

For a trial run with epoxy resin, you can start with a smaller project such as resin cast wooden jewelry. Attractive pendants, for instance, are created combining pieces of wood and epoxy – highlighting the beautiful wood grain and the glow and sheen of the resin. A variety of colors may be added to the epoxy for unique artistic creations. We’ll show you how to craft these wonderful pieces in our next blog – stay tuned…