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Epoxy Resin Sports Equipment – for the Love of the Game

Aug 5th 2019

Epoxy Resin Sports Equipment – for the Love of the Game

Epoxy Resin Sporting Goods Guide

Depending upon your “racket,” epoxy resin is infused somewhere in your sport…

The US Women’s Team winning the FIFA Championship. It’s baseball season – soon to be football season as well. The US Open – both in tennis and golf. Sports. Most of us partake in some form of sports - either as fan or participant or both; but it seems we all enjoy some form of game, match or competition of one sort or another…

My first tennis racket was made of wood, a piece I inherited from my mother at the age of six. (Remember when you had to put a frame around the racket head to keep it from warping?? Good times…) Today’s tennis rackets, as well as a good deal of other sport’s equipment, are made from a variety of composite materials – frequently epoxy resin combined with carbon fiber. These epoxy resin composites provide a combination of increased flexibility and strength while decreasing weight - for optimal playing performance.

Epoxy Resin for Optimal Performance

“Epoxies play a key role in improving the performance of sports and leisure equipment for both amateurs and professionals. Epoxies are being used to produce tennis rackets, skis, golf equipment and hockey sticks, which have become lighter, stronger, more reliable and more resistant to fatigue.

“Other sports use equipment and gear coated with epoxy resins, such as fishing rods and poles, kayaks, jumping poles, bicycles, archery bows, arrows, etc. In addition, epoxies play a key role in the maritime industry, providing coatings for small and large boats used in a variety of water sports,” from the Epoxy Resin Committee (ERC) website. The ERC is a product committee of Plastics Europe, the Association of Plastics Manufacturers in Europe; and has represented the interests of over 95% of Europe’s epoxy resins manufacturers since the early 1980s.

Athletes can be a superstitious lot, becoming attached to a favored (and favorite) competitive “sword” used to do battle in their sport of choice. Another thing that epoxy resin composite sports equipment provides is the possibility of repairing that favorite racket, rod, ski, club or stick – as well as coating and sealing a variety of marine craft such as kayaks and rowing shells.

Now if “America’s Pastime” would switch from wooden to composite bats, players could possibly keep using their stick of choice for a longer time…no wait, making a change such as that in baseball would be sacrilege! We’ll have to settle for the epoxy resin in batting helmets and other protective gear…Play Ball!