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Epoxy Resin Signs of the Times

Nov 11th 2019

Epoxy Resin Signs of the Times

Epoxy Resin Signs

Home is Where the Art is…

My marketing colleague Kristin pointed out that many resin artists create decorative signs for display by their homes, and that it might be a good topic for a column. After she mentioned this to me, I started noticing many of these in my neighborhood on my daily walks (similar to the way one notices a number of cars on the road of the same model they’ve just purchased), often with the word “HOME,” “WELCOME” or various holiday themes depending upon the time of year.

Wooden resin signs may be freestanding or wall-mounted and can feature different images and/or messages on each side. And of course, aside from being whimsical home accents, these signs are often used by businesses as well. Versatile epoxy resin makes an invaluable tool for these creations and may be used for colorful creative inlays when mixed with resin dyes; as well as a finishing coat and sealer - to protect your creation from the elements.

Craftsman Sandro Sanchez of Social Woodworks shares his first epoxy resin sign experience in his post, ‘Wooden Resin Wall Art.’ He explains, “This was my first time ever making an epoxy resin inlay sign and I was a little nervous to freehand route the lettering. The sign wasn't perfect, but I think that it came out pretty decent and the freehand look has a ton of character.

epoxy resin sign

Sandro Sanchez with his first epoxy resin sign

Woodworker Christopher Moore shares his insights on how to create “dramatic inlays” on (in this case for a cutting board). “Resin is a wonderful inlay material. You can create delicate patterns without the worry of having to cut and fit matching, delicate inlay pieces. Instead, after drawing and cutting “mortises” for the resin, just pour the resin and watch as it fills the voids. You have an unlimited choice of colors, and the resin can be as translucent or opaque as you’d like. There really are no limits on the designs possible with resin inlay. It’s also a lot of fun, even magical at times.”

epoxy resin inlay

Christopher Moore Resin Inlay Example

And for a completely different approach to signage, John Malecki creates a DIY Epoxy Resin Sign with LEDs. This ‘On Air’ shadow-box style sign is battery powered and lit from within. He explains, “I spend a lot of time in my workshop. Whether I’m building, filming, or basking in the perfect combination of the two, my workshop is my second home. I like to keep my distractions to a minimum because I only have one shot to film most of my clips. I was super jazzed about the idea of creating some form of ‘do not disturb’ sign, but a hotel door- style paper handle sign just wasn’t going to cut it. I’m John freaking Malecki!”

illuminated epoxy resin shadow box sign

John Malecki Pouring Resin for his ‘On Air’ Sign

So, whether you’re creating an accent for your home, a sign for your business, or an artful ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign like Mr. Malecki; epoxy resin works wonders for the signs of the times!